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Microsoft Teams users can now get paid via the app. Are you a small business owner or a freelancer who offers services online? If so, Microsoft Teams Payment App helps you get paid by your customers in a fast and convenient way. The beautiful thing is that you don’t even have to switch apps to request payment. The Microsoft Teams Payments app streamlines the payment process and saves you time.

Is Microsoft Teams Payment available in Canada?

Yes, the Microsoft Teams Payments app is available in Canada and the United States.

Subscribers to Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 business get it at no charge.

How Does the Teams Payment App Work?

The Teams Payments app is simple to use and allows you to request and receive payments from your customers, right from within Microsoft Teams meetings.

  1. Get the app from the Microsoft AppStore.
  2. Add it to your Teams account.
  3. Connect it to your preferred payment service. Choose from:
    • Stripe
    • PayPal
    • GoDaddy


Now you are ready to request and collect payments using Microsoft Teams meetings.

How To Request Payment in the Teams Payment App

To send a payment request, open the meeting chat.

Select the Payments icon from the messaging extensions.

Fill out the form defining the amount payable, currency, description, and recipient(s) of your request. You can send the same request to several people.

The app will generate a card that shows the status of each payment request as unpaid or paid.

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Image credit: Microsoft

Your customers will also see the same card in their meeting chat. Customers can click on the Pay Now button to complete their payment. The system will redirect them to the payment service you configured during setup. There, they enter their payment information and confirm the payment.  

Once complete, they will see a confirmation message in the chat and you will receive a notification that the payment has been processed. At any time, you can glimpse all paid and unpaid requests.

Is the Microsoft Teams Payment App Good For You?

The Teams Payments app can work exceptionally well for small business owners and freelancers. For those with complex invoicing or recurring payments for services, it may not be the best option. Microsoft Teams payment app is good if you are agile, want to streamline and simplify, and already use Microsoft Teams. Here’s a run down on how it can help you.

Saves Time

No need to switch between apps or websites to request and receive payments from your customers. You can do everything within Teams meetings.

Increases customer satisfaction and retention.

Customers appreciate simplicity and dislike obstacles.  With Teams Payment app, they do not need to create an account or download an app to pay you. It is all done right inside the meeting.

Can help boost your revenue and cash flow.

You can get paid faster and more securely by using the Teams Payments app. You can receive your money within minutes of completing a service, either directly into your bank account or PayPal account.

You can track transactions in real-time. You’ll receive instant notifications for successful payments so that you can keep a comprehensive record of your financial interactions.

Enhances your professional image.

Customers want to use reliable and trusted payment platforms, and this one is built by a well-known company that has been a technology leader for decades.

You can also add a seller policy to your payment requests outlining your professional terms and conditions, cancellation policy, refund policy, etc.

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365.

The Teams Payments App seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365. One more win for your Microsoft 365 daily work flow.

The Teams Payments app can help you uplevel your business transactions. By leveraging this powerful tool, you’re simplifying payments. You’re also enhancing customer experiences, ensuring data security, and boosting productivity.

We Can Help You Get More Out of Microsoft 365

The Teams Payments app is a great way to simplify and streamline your payment process. Here are more ways to maximize your Microsoft 365 subscription.

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