Microsoft Secure Score Consultant

TUCU is a Toronto IT Consulting firm offering Cyber Security Services including Microsoft Secure Score consulting and remediation.

TUCU will perform your initial secure score analysis, consult with you about your business processes, and recommend which controls make the most sense for you.

Microsoft Secure Score Help

Microsoft Secure Score is a framework that helps you choose and apply security controls to improve your company's cyber security.

You can use the self guided assessment to understand how strong or weak your current IT security systems are.

Each section or "control" in Microsoft Secure Score tool gives you a number, and at the end, you will have a total score.

A higher score is good but the highest score possible may not be best. You will want to balance security with usability and cost.

Read our Guide To Microsoft Secure Score, or contact us now to hire our Microsoft Secure Score consultants to help you assess your needs.

Why Assess Your IT Security Now?

Technology changes fast - especially in recent years. Cyber threats have evolved and grown at a dizzying pace.

What was secure a few years ago leaves you vulnerable today.

Back in 2014-2016, global IT analysts were recommending cyber security audits every 3-5 years.  Today, best practice is to review security every 3-4 months, or at least annually.

Years ago those same leading analysts across the world also recommended that every business owner must either be an IT professional, hire an IT professional on staff, or outsource IT services.  This applies to big and small business.  Who is taking care of your technology?

Looking into DIY with Microsoft Secure Score means you are moving in the right direction.  Since modern IT can be complex, it makes sense to hire an IT consultant for Microsoft Secure Score help.

Our friendly team at TUCU will walk you through your IT needs assessment.

No scare tactics. No reports full of red marks showing you how bad you are at IT paired with a hard sell.  We'll talk things through with you, explain various options, answer your questions, and implement whatever you choose from start to finish.

It's your business. Take charge. We're here to help you.


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