Microsoft 365 Setup

Have your Microsoft 365 setup done for you by our Certified Cloud Services Providers.  TUCU is a Microsoft Partner since 2003 and will expertly manage your switch to 365 end to end.

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Microsoft 365 Setup & Support

Get valuable help for your Microsoft 365 setup.  We will:

  • plan and perform your Microsoft 365 setup end to end
  • help you choose your plan and security features
  • organize your team for the switch
  • prepare your domain for the change
  • schedule your migration on a weekend to limit downtime
  • install your new Outlook and Office apps and move your emails, contacts, appointments & files for you
  • enable and configure security features
  • provide tech support after your switch

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"Adam and his team were extraordinarily professional and were able to help configure some of our systems we were not able to do ourselves. Thank you for your efficient turnaround."

- MWF, Owner
   Sep 2018

"We hired TUCU ...They helped us switch to Office 365 for all our email and document storage with back up of our files, and it’s been great. ... We always find them to be quick, reliable and professional, and we’re happy to have found them."

- Maria O., Office Manager
   Jan 2017

"After a difficult first foray into the world of cloud computing, Adam and his team got us back on track with the right solution and we've been working in perfect harmony ever since. Even though we are a small business with simple needs, tucu is quick to respond to our queries and makes feel confident that we are in good hands."

- Leanne, VP
   Nov 2016

Spotlight On Microsoft 365 Benefits

Replace Your Server: Eliminate the cost of maintaining your own email exchange server. With Office 365, your mail server is in the cloud, and managed by Microsoft.

Always Have The Latest Software: Your subscription includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Business Standard plans include Planner, Sway, and more.

Document Storage & Backup: All your documents are stored in the cloud and accessible from any authorized device – anywhere in the world. File storage includes iterations to protect in the event of a virus or document corruption. And if you want to add additional layers of backup or disaster recovery, we will help you do that.

Coauthor, Collaborate & Work Remotely: Your emails, contacts, calendar & documents are available from any computer with an internet connection. Work from anywhere, anytime, with 99.99% up time. Enjoy real time collaboration and co-authoring of documents with colleagues and clients.

Secure Team Chat, Calls & Video Conferencing: Microsoft Teams is a powerful chat agent for teams - and so much more.  Place calls. Hold video calls or white board meetings with your team or external clients. Save meeting notes. Share files and more. Teams is encrypted end to end for your safety.

Powerful Email & IT Security: Microsoft 365 offers powerful security features and add-ons to protect your accounts from spam, phishing, accidentally sharing sensitive data and more.

With security and controls in place, take full advantage of your Microsoft 365 Business Premium apps and features to collaborate, work remotely in the cloud with your team and your clients, and grow your business.

Your team of help desk professionals are here to make it all work for you.

Support After Your Microsoft 365 Setup

Most small and medium organizations do not have an IT department. They are in real need of IT support and management at every level - for everything from IT security to adding and managing users in Microsoft 365.

If this is your situation, we can be your IT department. We offer Microsoft 365 + cloud management services.

However, if you only wish to work with the basics and call when something major crops up, we offer hourly support, as needed.

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