Mesh WiFi Solutions

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Mesh WiFi Solutions

WiFi Where You Want It

Our mesh WiFi network can spread your internet across your home, office, warehouse, hotel —or anywhere else you need it.

Say Goodbye To Spotty WiFi

Spotty WiFi signal at the office? Does your wireless router leave you frustrated with weak or dropped signals? Wireless routers can only transmit their signal so far, and the further you are from your router, the weaker and more inconsistent the signal is.  WiFi boosters are limited in what they can do.  Our WiFi solutions give you an affordable, permanent solution for spotty WiFi.

Scalable, Enterprise Grade & Affordable Wireless Network

This system is enterprise grade, easy to scale, and is ultra low in cost comparison to other wireless solutions.

Rather than relaying a signal from one point to the next consecutive point in a daisy chain, all access points communicate simultaneously across the mesh – the result is faster, more reliable WiFi because signal strength is everywhere.

Unlike a traditional network, if one access point in the mesh network goes down, users don’t get booted off. Signals don’t drop. And the fallen access point can auto reboot itself and rejoin the network.  You’ll never even know it went down.

Your mesh WiFi network will allow you to:

  • put an end to WiFi dead spots in your office & extend WiFi signal to where you need it – even outdoors
  • pass WiFi signal around concrete, steel or plaster signal blocking obstacles
  • easily expand it anytime
  • have a private and a public side to your network to hide your private files from guest users
  • monitor network health from anywhere in the world
  • enjoy optional features like user & bandwidth control, custom log on page, payment for internet access etc

Get The Best WiFi Solution

Just let TUCU help you map your desired coverage area, plot your incoming cable lines and the best spots for access points, choose the right enclosures -indoor, outdoor, ceiling mount, wall mount – and then weave some magic.

WiFi Installation in Toronto, Markham & Durham Region

TUCU offers WiFi installation services and complete computer networking services in Toronto, Markham and Durham Region.  Call us for more information or a free estimate today. 416-292-3300