Do You Have Temperamental Tech? This 1 Tip Will Fix Most Of Your Frustration.

Computer Support Q&A – Computer Maintenance

A fun and helpful look inside our email inbox.  We are TUCU IT Support for small business in Toronto.  This post is part of a series of true and embellished stories and Q&A’s from clients and computer users.  Today, we’re talking about the importance of computer maintenance

Hey team TUCU,
Sometimes my tech works. Sometimes it doesn’t.   Sometimes the printer glitches out just when I need to print a client list. Sometimes the network grinds to a halt when I need to get access to a client’s file while they wait on hold.  Awkward.  Or the Wi-Fi seems to cut out based on the orientation of the planet Venus. I don’t get it. All this stuff used to work just fine, but now it’s a detriment to my business instead of a benefit. I don’t have time to deal with this all the time and see my clients. I enjoyed all this stuff when I first got it setup, but now I just literally want to rip it out of the wall and throw it into the street and watch as paving rollers crush it.

Fed up with Temperamental Tech.

Adam Says:

Dear “Fed Up”,

Wow. You sound like you are at your wits end.

Let me share a story.

My mother in law bought a new car, and after 18 months there were all kinds of problems with it. She thought she had a lemon, and her suspicions were confirmed when the car died on Eglinton Avenue near Don Mills, where she left it until a tow came. The engine was burnt out.

Turns out, she had never had the oil changed. She didn’t realize she had to take the car in for regular maintenance. Her former husband took care of all of that. I know it sounds silly to most people, but this really happened, and also happens often when it comes to computer care.

Most people don’t realize that IT equipment needs regular maintenance in order to keep working optimally.

Tech devices are mechanical machines that need cleaning and recalibrating, updates to software – preventative computer maintenance – to keep viruses and malware out. Even more so with an entire network of devices.

Also, most people don’t realize that some tech that’s great for light use in the home, is not really designed for continuous use in a busy office setting, and it will let you down.

We can help. We make sure that customers have just the right tech for the right work situations, and we make sure that they have a good regular maintenance program, that we can either do for them or they can learn to do themselves. A little bit of effort from your tech mate each month can prevent bigger problems like these from cropping up down the road.

Adam Thorn
Lead Technician

If you want well-behaved tech, remember the importance of computer maintenance & regular computer updates.  Most people don’t update or maintain their computers well enough on their own.  When you have a small business with up to 20 people, sensitive and important data on your computer network, you want to ensure you have good network maintenance support in place.  Most teams this size do not have an in-house IT employee on the payroll,  so outsourcing IT services makes sense.

Computer Maintenance Services – Toronto, Markham, Durham Region

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