Basic Device Management Plan

Times have changed. Today, the internet and our inboxes are crowded with cyber threats. For a small business, the startup budget may not cover a full cyber security solution. That's why it's smart to get started on the road to cyber security with a basic Device Management plan.

TUCU's $20/month Device Management plan includes:

  • Award winning BitDefender Antivirus
  • Daily Antivirus Scans & Updates
  • Daily Software & Security Patching
  • Hardware Malfunction Monitoring

TUCU is a Toronto Managed IT Provider offering Device Management and comprehensive IT Management for small business in Ontario. Contact us to learn more about computer management services.

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Say No To Free Antivirus

Cyber crime is big business. New malware code and threats are released regularly. Antivirus engineers must identify new threats, and then write complex algorithms to catch and quarantine those threats.

Free antivirus lacks the funding and active filtering required to keep up.  Every computer today needs actively updated antivirus software.

Say Yes To Security Patches!

The software you use everyday develops security gaps over time. The developers of the software write code patches to apply and close those vulnerabilities.

Many of us ignore those notifications to update our software. We tell them to go away, and snooze them for days, weeks, months...

Cyber crime doesn't sleep. Hackers use automated attacks night and day. It's time to automate your computer patches.

Our automation software will run critical patches for you daily, and less critical patches every Wednesday evening. No interruption to you!

Easy Setup

We take care of everything for you. We will:

  • Send you your service agreement for approval
  • Perform your initial deep computer clean up + optimization ($130)
  • Install professional antivirus, patch management and remote monitoring tools to better protect your computer

Add Support When You Need It

Anytime you need computer support, simply open a ticket with us and one of our friendly technicians will schedule a remote support session (or on site in your office) to assist you. We offer affordable, reliable computer support since 2003. Services are billed hourly - only when you need them.

You're Never Locked In

Nobody likes to feel stuck.

That's why all our computer management plans have no long term contract. If you ever want to go back to managing and patching your computers yourself, simply give us 30 days notice and it's done!

Have your computer patched and protected for about  a dollar a day. Contact us now to schedule your one time computer clean up + setup.

We Fix Techaches & Make People Happy

Get your basic computer security plan in place - no strings attached.

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