Managed IT Services For Small Business

Life At The Office Right Now

You are not trained in IT support. Your team is wasting time Googling tech problems.  You have no idea about securing the WiFi, what a firewall is or why you need to have one. You can barely figure out how to setup a new email address and user account when you hire someone, and to be honest, you wish this wasn't your problem because you have 147 other things to do right now. Classic small business problem. You need better IT management and support, but can't afford to hire an IT employee.

♦ You’re frustrated with computer issues.

♦ Employees have had computer viruses.

♦ Your team would benefit from more access to tech support and faster tech support.

♦ No one is trained in server or network security & management, so let's just hope no one clicks on a phishing link that unleashes ransomware that locks your business down until you figure out how to open a bitcoin account and pay the ransom to get your files back.

♦ You’re not sure if your data backup is running & recoverable (or how to test it).

♦ You want to delegate your network security to someone who knows what they are doing.

♦ You want to hire help but you don’t have the budget to hire a trained IT employee.

Stop. Help Is Here.

Have IT All Taken Care Of For One Flat Monthly Fee

Shift all technology work from your team to our skilled IT Technicians. We act as an extension of your team, overseeing your IT, server, network, computers, backup and antivirus status. You get fast, friendly computer support when you need it. All for a fraction of the cost of adding an IT employee to your payroll. This is The Managed Advantage Plan and it’s a cost effective IT strategy for your small business.

Get Managed IT Services from $375/month.

10 / 10

“Best response, time quick service. Cost effective for small business like us.”

Life With The Managed Advantage

You are focused on your deliverables, no longer distracted by tech problems, trying to solve tech problems, trying to help Jane and Bob with their tech problems….no more tech problems.  When an issue does arise, you’ve got support to deal with it.

♦ Your computers are updated every week.

♦ You have best in class antivirus software (goodbye McCrappy AV’s).

♦ You can open a ticket any time a problem arises and it’s resolved quickly by trained technicians.

♦ The network was updated and secured during your setup phase and you have peace of mind.

♦ All the WiFi, firewall and network management is someone else’s problem and that’s such a relief.

♦ The server is backed up and tested regularly.

♦ No more tech surprises or erratic tech costs.  Everything is managed.  This is so much better.

Get Managed IT Services from $375/month.  Call +1 416 292 3300 or email us now.

“We have been working with TUCU as our IT providers for over 5 years now…It has been freeing to pass on our IT problems to a third party that we can trust. I have tried other service providers and have returned to TUCU. They speak plainly with me, invoice me fairly, and I know I can rely on them to support my team. .. down to earth, knowledgeable IT partners that are easy to work with. I recommend them to any growing organization looking for dependable and responsive IT support.”    

-David Feld, Feld Kalia

Do I Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services are right for you if you:

 → Have more than 5 employees and no trained IT employee on your team.
 → Rely on technology to work and want responsive support.
 → Want to better protect your company from intrusion & threats.
 →  Want to earn business from larger vendors who will demand you have IT Security best practices in place.

Managed IT Services are not for you if you:

→ Have an IT Department in house.
→ Don’t rely on technology day to day and can wait for support when needed.
→ Are certain no employee would ever sabotage your company.
→ Already have an effective solution for IT Security.

What Does The Managed Advantage Include?

Rapid Response

Average 1 hour response time during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited Computer Support – software, email, network connectivity issues +.

Better Security

Security updates done for you weekly + an annual review of your IT systems.

All Included

★ Unlimited Computer Support for your entire team
★ Fast Response Time – Average less than 1 hour
★ Leading Antivirus Software for every computer
★ Computer Security Updates done for you weekly
★ Server Patching & Backup – for teams with servers
★ No Learning Curve – Delegate IT Management to trained professionals
★ No Lock In – Walk away with 30 days notice

Easy To Get Onboard

First we’ll document your network and recommend any upgrades required to bring your network up to minimum IT security standards. Once updated, you’re ready for managed IT Services.

Then you enjoy The Managed Advantage with unlimited access to fast, friendly support, and peace of mind knowing that you have skilled IT professionals on your team.

Certification Icons - Microsoft Certified Partner in Toronto

“As our Managed IT Service Provider, TUCU advocates for us, leads us through the complex IT world and works as an extension of our team, always protecting our interests when it comes to technology – and that kind of service is very hard to find. We highly recommend TUCU to any small team looking for attentive, responsive IT services, especially those without their own IT trained employee in-house.”
– Jan Kasperski, Ontario Psychological Association

Get Managed IT Services

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