frustrated business owner after data loss due to poor data backup solution

Could Your Business Survive?

Imagine, one moment you’re working away, and the next, all your data is gone.

What would you do?

What would it mean for your business?

What would it cost your business to recover from a data loss event?

And how much confidence would your clients have in you if you had to admit a data loss event to them?

Did you know that 40% of businesses that experience a data loss never re-open their doors? Recovering from a  data loss can feel like a hurricane hit your business.  You’re trying to maintain normal day to day operations while also scrambling to repair the damage without any resources – no customer information, contracts, invoices, documents…

infographic of data backup failure statistics

Data Loss Is Expensive

Your preferred back up method could stop working at any time due to:

  • your credit card being expired or cancelled
  • a software update that causes an incompatibility and the backup fails
  • exceeding your GB max
  • a hard drive failure
  • user error
  • or simply forgetting to run the backup
Would your current backup method survive a fire? A flood? Ransomware? Theft? 

Small Business Backup Services in Toronto

Server backupSQL database backup, and other business backup needs can’t be met with solutions designed for a solo or home user.  And drives connected to computers are not safe from ransomware or malware.  Our business data backup solutions cover all your needs.

As a small business owner, you have enough to deal with, which is why Managed IT + Managed Backup Services make sense for you.  We will setup your data backup and check your data backup every Wednesday night.  We will also perform periodic restore tests to ensure that you can recover from your backup files should you ever need to.

Get the benefits of Managed Backup + Network Management + Unlimited IT Support for everyone on your team.

We’ve been helping small business teams in Toronto since 2003. We can help you too.


TUCU totally came through for our business when a mysterious “tech glitch” deleted all the data on one of our external hard drives. (One that was FULL of badly needed client data!!) They were able to recover everything from lost reports to images and even video. They were also able to recommend improved storage solutions for us moving forward so our client info would be safe. Fast service, and very affordable. THANK YOU TUCU!!!

Why Book With TUCU?

Easy & convenient. We log in remotely or we come to your home or office.

Exact appointment times.  No “service windows”. If your appointment is at 2:00pm, you can expect us at 2:00pm.

Reliable, time saving service.

Pain Free Promise. If an issue recurs, simply inform us within 7 days and we’ll make it right. Guaranteed.

Vetted & Approved.  TUCU has been vetted and approved by 4 law firms.  You can count on us.

Trusted. TUCU has been serving Toronto since 2003, with integrity and skill. We're here to help.