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Our IT Support Services are focused on small and medium business using cloud services. We configure, protect and manage your technology. Serving you locally in the Toronto and Durham Region and remotely across Canada.

Tell us your techaches. We’re here to help.

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No two networks are the same. Every business is unique.
We are here to provide IT consulting services to review your current state of technology, your goals and issues, and create an IT plan for you.

We offer an initial one hour consultation at no charge. This is designed to formulate a general plan and provide you with a ballpark quote for your project.

Once accepted, we will perform Deep Discovery to comb through all the finer details of your setup, confirm or refine your ballpark quote, and get started on project execution for you.

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Once your consultation and Deep Discovery is complete, we launch your project and make everything you need happen, on time, and on budget.

One time IT Project Services are available ad hoc, with a defined start and end date, and detailed scope of work.  They can also be a part of a complete IT management strategy.

Examples include moving a server to the cloud, switching from one email service to another, a penetration test, Information Security Screening review, or Microsoft Secure Score engagement.

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If you ask 100 people what cybersecurity is, you’ll get 100 answers.

Here at TUCU, we go far beyond the basics of cybersecurity that you would expect any IT support company to offer.  We offer IT security solutions for every layer and vulnerability point in your technology. From domains, to email, to networks, to cloud accounts, we will

We will deploy, configure, monitor and manage powerful cyber security solutions for small business on every computer, protecting your team from viruses, ransomware, spoofed sites, phishing links and other common threats 24/7.

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Have every account, device and all your data secured, protected and aligned with best practices laid out in the NIST framework.

Pass any InfoSec Security Screening with flying colours.

Protect and grow your business with a trusted IT partner who understands IT Risk, Governance & Compliance solutions.

We provide comprehensive IT Risk Management solutions and  IT Compliance monitoring and support.

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Unload the burden of IT management from your team to ours.

Give your team access to responsive tech support when they need it.

Get organized with our IT portal where you can view your devices, users, installed software, open tickets, self help library and more.

In addition to IT support, we will work behind the scenes delivering IT management services to keep your technology secure and running smoothly.

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