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Toronto IT Support For Lawyers

Opening your own legal practice?

Outgrowing your “computer guy”?

Looking to extend your firms in-house IT Support to partners at home?

With over 15 years of experience in IT Support for lawyers in independent practice, and in serving as an approved extension of in-house IT departments for some of Toronto’s largest firms, we understand your needs.

$125/hour for reliable, highly rated IT Support for lawyers.

In a world of fast past paced IT needs, Adam Thorn listens, understands and implements the appropriate solutions to get the job done properly and efficiently. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally have someone who can take my vision and make it a reality.

IT Services For Lawyers


Focus on your case load. We’ve got IT covered. TUCU serves hundreds of busy professionals, many in the legal community in Toronto.

IT Purchasing & Network Setup Services -When opening a new legal practice, turn to TUCU for IT Consulting services to help you choose and purchase the right equipment, to setup your network, and to provide computer support as needed.

Network Security & Management – Increase security with off-site data backup and extra layers of network security to protect you from growing IT threats and data theft.

Computer Support Services – Opt for help as needed only, when something is broken.

Managed IT Services – Ask about our proactive network management plan with unlimited support for your entire team, for an affordable fixed fee per month. Includes leading antivirus subscription, network monitoring and IT support.

IT Outsourcing For Law Firms


IT Outsourcing- A Simple Rubber Stamp Procedure

TUCU has been vetted and approved to act as an extension of the in-house IT Departments for some of Toronto’s largest law firms.

To extend IT Support at home for your managing partners or entire work force, our IT Outsourcing Services may be just what you are looking for.

Our team of trusted technicians are able to support your work force at home where they are often beyond the reach of your in house IT Department. You can elect to have services invoiced directly to the firm or directly to the end user, and you have the freedom to decide which option is best on a case by case basis.

Some of our services include computer setup, data transfer, Citrix VPN setup & troubleshooting, large home WiFi solutions and more.

Setting up extended IT Support Services for your work force is a simple rubber stamp procedure.  Call or email us today to learn more. 416-292-3300.

Reliable Technology Partner

“Adam is a reliable technology provider, who shows up on time and always gets the job done. His work on my home network has been great, and he provides technical support for several of the partners at my law firm.”

-Eric C., IT Manager in Toronto Law Firm

We Fix Techaches.

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