IT Support For Dentists

Opening a new practice?  Upgrading to digital x-rays?  Time for a new server?

With over 12 years of dental practice management + 15 years of IT Support for dentists combined experience on our team, we understand you.

Outsource IT Support And Focus

  • Choose help as needed or a Service Level Agreement
  • Enjoy fast response times when your team has a tech problem and you’re elbow deep in a root canal.
  • Have IT installs and upgrades done for you – so you and your team can focus on patients.
  • Get purchasing advice to choose the right IT equipment to add to your network.
  • Work with an IT team that understands PIPEDA and HIPPA.
  • Rely on our team of IT professionals with deep server experience because your practice management software has to stay stable.
  • Increase security with off site data back up and extra layers of network security to protect you from growing IT threats and data theft.
  • Ask about improving your dental office website.
  • Ask about secure waiting room WiFi.

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Big or small, we can help you with your computer needs.


We have been using TUCU as our computer support company as needed since 2010. Our dental office server support has to be good, because without it, we can’t serve patients. TUCU takes good care of our server. They also built our website and manage it for us. Their service is prompt, friendly, professional and easy to recommend.

Get IT Support For Your Dental OfficeToday

If the big guys charge too much, and your solo computer guy can’t keep up, call TUCU.  

Established in 2003, TUCU is a trusted IT Support Company serving Toronto, Markham and Durham Region.  Our team is friendly and responsive.  How can we help you today?


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