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Small Business IT Support Stunted By Lack Of Investment

Canadian “small” business is defined as having up to 500 employees or making between $30,000 –  $5,000,000 in sales per year.

So whether you are a solopreuneur making $50,000, or have a team of say 12, and are billing over $2,000,000, you are a small business.  And that’s great!  Small business is lively, agile, full of growth in many sectors, employing more and more of our Canadian workforce, and more.  But, it’s competitive.  You need fast and stable computer systems to compete.  And you need to protect your data and the data of clients.  You need reliable small business computer support services to keep you running.  Numerous studies show failure to keep tech updated can cost small businesses clients.  Often, calling the cheap “computer guy” instead of a professional tech support company is what holds a small business back.

Get Better IT Support

Don’t you hate it when you need your “computer guy” but he isn’t answering his cellphone?  And when he finally does answer, tells you he can be there in 1 hour, but you’re still waiting for him to show up 2 days later?  Meanwhile, your computer problem is slowing you down.  You deserve better.   Your business needs better tech support.

Wouldn’t it be better if when you need tech support, someone answers your call, helps you over the phone immediately, or schedules a service call and arrives promptly?  And wouldn’t it be great if they were friendly and helpful?  And what a relief it would be if they listened to your issues, had real conversations with you about how you need your tech to work, and spoke in plain English (no tech jargon) giving you answers simply and easily.

And wouldn’t your needs be better met if they offered the type of products and support your business needs to be more competitive?  Like Office 365, managed domains, data back up, network monitoring and more.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s just what we do here at TUCU.

Small Business Computer Support Services By TUCU

TUCU is tech u can use.   We’ve been solving computer and IT issues for people since 2003.  We specialize in IT support services for small and mid sized companies in  Toronto, Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa & Bowmanville.  We act like a part of your team; your own IT employee.  We’re respectful, attentive, help you solve real problems and support you in managing your business.

Small business owners often have either no IT staff, junior, inexperienced IT staff, or a friend or family member who helps them out as their schedule allows.  Meanwhile, while they are piecing together their networks, studies show that these small businesses lose clients when they don’t keep their technology up to date.

Studies Show That Lack Of IT Support Investments Hurt Your Business

Recent consumer surveys show that:

  • 90% of consumers said they would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company who has outdated technology.
  • 61% of consumers think an SMB is outdated is they are still using 5-10 year old operating systems.
  • 58% of consumers use modern mobile devices and 60% of consumers expect modern businesses to use up to date, responsive customer service methods or software.
  • Infographic below

IT investments help you to attract, retain and serve more clients.

Now you don’t have to choose TUCU, but you should choose a tech support company that specializes in small business technologies to support your business.  We happen to specialize in tech support and solutions for companies with 1-20 employees.  In addition to the benefits of updated IT demonstrated by the statistics above,  consider these money savings benefits too:

  • Our business runs primarily on the referrals we get from relieved people who switch to TUCU as their IT technical support company, and are happy with the service they consistently receive from us. You can count on referral worthy service too;  fair pricing, prompt service and honest advice. 
  • You might be surprised to see how our prices are competitive for expert IT support that comes directly to you, in your home or your office.
  • We offer a no fix-no fee policy.  You don’t pay if we can’t diagnose and fix your issue.
  • We offer a 10 day warranty on most fixes.  If your issue recurs after we leave your home or office (through no fault of your own), we will return and fix it at no charge.
  • We offer 24/7 network monitoring services to reduce problems before they affect your business.  Ask us about network monitoring during your free consultation.  You can get the benefits of an IT employee for a fraction of the cost, while also limiting downtime that hurts your business, and extending the life cycle of your equipment.

We are knowledgeable, trusted, available IT service providers who want to help you better manage your technology.  We make technology easy and reliable to use. 

“TUCU is a ‘must have connection’ for IT support. I’ve being using them for a few years and couldn’t run my RE business without them. They offer all the latest tech support so your working within the cloud and all devices are synced. Being able to work from wherever you are has been a huge bonus to my business. “- Corrie, Real Estate Agent in Toronto

Don’t be the company that turns a blind eye to their tech, and is then blindsided when it fails. Be the company that benefits from well managed, reliable IT systems. Let our experts manage your technical nuts and bolts for you.