File Frustrations Between PC and Mac’s? Do This.

Computer Support Q&A – Running PC Files On A Mac

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Frustrations Of Mixing Mac’s and PC’s In An Office

Dear TUCU,

I have a number of employees who use PCs in our office, but after seeing all those MAC vs. PC ads, I had to get myself a pretty little MAC.

I thought it would work great.

The guy in the store said that everything should work well together. But, it’s not.

First, it took me a while to figure out how to work my way around the MAC OS versus Windows. Fine. To be expected. But, some of our files that we use in the office aren’t exactly working the same – I keep having to reformat some tables that my employees send to me, and it’s an annoying waste of time. Also, I can’t seem to connect to our printer. Also, Dropbox links work rather differently on my MAC than on my old PC and it’s really grating my nerves.

Am I stuck with this pretty but high maintenance machine always letting me down? Can I run PC software on a Mac? Can you help?

Opposites Don’t Attract?


Adam Says:

Dear “Opposites Don’t Attract”,

This happens quite frequently. Even though Macs are more popular than they used to be, a lot of the office software that customers use doesn’t exactly work the same, and there are some compatibility differences in the way that it can connect to peripherals and network devices. However, there is a simple solution that we’ve helped our clients with, and that’s something called Parallels.

Parallels sets up a second “virtual PC” on your Mac. This virtual PC runs Windows OS, and Windows versions of all your familiar and favorite software. It also uses Windows Device Drivers to connect to your network printers and other devices. Basically, you get the best of both worlds; the pretty Mac plus its attractive features when you want them + a quick switch to your virtual PC when you need the things only your PC can provide. So yes, you can run PC software on a Mac. And you can say goodbye to all the frustrations with file formats and Dropbox links behaving differently for you.

We usually help our clients set this up when they get Mac’s for work. We can set it up for you and show you how to use it. Truthfully though, it’s so simple to use, and most users feel like a rock star when working with both a Mac and PC operating system on any given day. You can too.

If you want us to hook you up, get in touch.  

Adam Thorn
Lead Technician


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