Do You Have An Overly Attached IT Provider?

When To Switch IT Providers

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Help! I Have An Overly Attached IT Provider – How Will I Ever Switch My IT Company?

Hi team TUCU,

My tech actually works okay, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  It’s not my tech that’s the issue, it’s my tech provider.

Every week he wants to install some new piece of software, some new gizmo to try. There’s always something that he’s over here “fixing”. And every month, I get another huge bill that’s hard to explain. I’m suspicious of all these extra charges.

At first, when we signed a two-year contract, it seemed comforting to get a long commitment, but now it seems like it would be impossible switch my IT company. And I’m not happy.  He is really controlling and seems to shut us down if we ask any questions about our IT.

He knows every bit of how my tech works and I don’t.  Even if I wanted to get quotes or consider another IT company, I couldn’t explain my own tech to someone, so how can I move on? I feel stuck. I just want some space, and maybe a little less IT support. How do I tell my provider this without hurting their feelings or having things get complicated?

Feeling Overly Attached.

Adam Says:

Dear “Feeling Overly Attached”,

We run into this a lot.

Sometimes, cowboy “computer guys” get a little over excited with a client. It’s almost like they want to live vicariously through you, by installing all the gadgets and software that they can’t afford to play with themselves, on your budget.

On the other hand, some larger IT support companies become blind to how rigid they become with control or how their “solutions” designed for a large enterprise are just IT overkill for a small business with up to 20 or so users.

And, I hate to say it, but a few even just like the control that they have over a client, knowing that they have their systems so tightly locked down that they are the only provider who can come to the rescue if something goes wrong.

And a small handful are just downright unscrupulous, taking advantage of clients who aren’t tech savvy.

We can help. We’ve helped clients “break-up” with their tech provider while ensuring that everything keeps working. We can help you:

  • restructure your relationship with your current provider – think of it as a 2nd opinion, or a consultant who comes in to help
  • help you find another provider that better fits your needs (and listens better too) – we do a needs assessment and help you choose a new IT company, while also helping you transition away from your existing provider
  • become your provider, but only if we can meet your needs – we specialize in tech support for small business with 1-20 employees

This is how we work with our clients; we make sure that they are cared for, but not overly so, and we don’t lock them into long-term, expensive contracts that are hard to get out of.

Relationships are built on trust. It’s time for you to have a chat with your technician. It might be time for you to make a change too.

If you want to talk to us about how we might help, please get in touch.

Adam Thorn
Lead IT Consultant

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