Is Outdated Technology Costing Your Small Business Customers?

Your Small Business Could Be Losing Customers Every Day Because Of Outdated Tech (And The Studies Prove It)

Small business owners are sometimes slow to invest in, and use, technology. Whether it’s for promotion, customer relationship management, invoicing, or customer service, technology is often underused or undervalued by small business owners.

According to a recent Bank of America survey, nearly 90% of small business owners said that they rely on customer referrals or word-of-mouth to drum up business, and only about 40% said that they relied on social media as a worthwhile marketing tactic.

According to another American Express study, about 50% of small businesses don’t use social media at all.

According to yet another study by Microsoft, 61% of consumers consider a business to be using outdated technology if computers or operating systems are 5-10 years old.  And it’s enough to make them view the business as dated and consider a competitor instead.

Are you a small businesses owner missing out on a flood of new customers by devaluing technology updates?  Small businesses are stymieing their own growth by standing still in a world where technology changes quickly.

Educating small businesses about technology is crucial, but they have to be willing to seek out the education, and too many small business owners are dismissive of new technology.  Don’t let yourself be part of the group that is missing out.

Aside from generating new customers, though, new technology can also help you retain more of the customers who do come into contact with you. Let’s look at some statistics that should be alarming to small business owners who have not updated their technology in years.

How Outdated Technology Can Cost Your Small Business Customers

Your Small Business Might Be Perceived Poorly If You Have Neglected To Update The Technology That Customers Interact With

A Free Email Service Is A Major Small Business Faux Pas

When it comes to making a good impression on potential customers, there’s nothing that reeks more of laziness, amateurishness, and a general lack of professional credibility than when your customers interact with your small business through a free, cloud-based email service. If you did not go to the trouble to get an official-sounding, professional, and subscription-based e-mail service, then your customers will not believe that they are dealing with an official business. It is akin to your business not having an official physical address. Plus, a free, cloud-based email service is associated with transience, impermanence, variance, and anonymity in the minds of most people. Nearly 25% of consumers believe a small business lacks credibility and is not professional when they see that it uses a free email service.

An Old Operating System Will Turn Off A Statistical Majority Of Potential Customers

More than 61% of people reported they think a small business is outdated if it is using an operating system that is more than five to ten years old.

More than 90% of consumers said they would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company that uses outdated technology. 

Technology changes ever more quickly, and while we aren’t proposing you update every year, we do recommend reviewing options every 3-4 years.  With that said, when is the last time you updated your computers, operating systems, software or website?  When is the last time you checked on software offerings to help you reach more customers or manage your customer base more effectively?   If it has been awhile, now is a good time to assess your technology and it’s impact on your business.  The PDF below, the results of a survey of over 1,400 consumers,  highlights some points of consideration.

How Outdated Technology Can Cost Your Business

How Can You Enhance The Reputation Of Your Small Business With Updated Technology?

Perhaps your small business needs a technology makeover, with the intent geared toward enhancing customer perception of your small business. Most small business owners don’t know where to start, though. Indeed, if they did, they likely wouldn’t have used outdated technology for so long. So, what’s the solution? Where does a small business owner find help?

TUCU (Tech U Can Use) is an organization that can give your small business a technology makeover from head-to-toe. The founder of TUCU has worked with some of the biggest corporations (like Nortel, CIBC, and HP) and created TUCU in 2003 to help the small business get and stay more competitive.

TUCU believes that hardworking professionals and dedicated small business owners deserve the same level of IT services and support that big corporations enjoy. You shouldn’t settle for anything less, and TUCU will give your small business a thorough tech evaluation, report, and makeover for an affordable price.

Your email service, operating system, and customer communications may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your small business’s outdated technology. Let TUCU tell you exactly what is lacking – and then offer a comprehensive solution to bring your small business up to the standards that customers expect.

Call Our Toronto IT Consultants

Perhaps you are not sure what you may or may not need in terms of technology updates for your business.  TUCU has been providing IT consulting & IT solutions since 2003.  For simple matters, you can schedule a free discovery call, where we will assess your needs and provide you with options and estimate.  Or, opt to hire our skilled team to perform a top to bottom network security audit for you and we will uncover security gaps, areas for improvement, and IT Budget planning support.  Please give us a call today. We’re here to help.