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Affordable Network Management for Under Served Small Business

Do you feel like IT support providers for small businesses are always too big or too small to serve your needs? Tell me if this sounds familiar: your business is not big enough to require a full-time IT employee, but your IT guy delivers far less actual support than you’d like.

Perhaps the “managed services” you receive are still too DIY for your liking.  Sure, your managed IT service provider is cheap, but when problems arise you only receive remote, standard help-desk support; you still have to handle the hands-on work yourself and waste precious man-hours on computer problems. What you really want is for a technician to show up promptly when you need it.  If you find yourself or your staff doing all the work yourself (and not sure that you are doing it right) then your needs are clearly not being met.

Finding Affordable Network Management

What You Need – When You Need It

The small business sector is drastically under served when it comes to finding balanced network management services.  Hiring a full-time specialist is more than you can afford (or need), but ad hoc computer guys and large tech support providers don’t provide the continuity of service that you are looking for.

If you’ve ever found yourself re-explaining a problem to a second or third technician, we invite you to imagine IT support services that truly cover what a devoted full-time employee would handle.

A lot of small business owners find that being in that too small/too big zone requires learning far more about network and server management than they ever wanted to learn. Instead of trying to learn it and explain it to each IT technician you hire, consider outsourcing your network management needs to a managed IT services provider who will know, optimize and manage your computer network, so you can focus on your own work.

At TUCU, our managed IT services provide comprehensive IT support for small businesses. This means we provide remote service when it makes sense, and show up when you need us, at your place of business. Monthly fixed fees ensure that any problem you have becomes our problem. We are here to help with no limitations and no questions asked.

IT Services We Offer

If it falls in the IT category, we can handle it:

  • Network set-up and maintenance
  • Network security, antivirus, and firewall installation and support
  • Weekly scheduled software and security updates
  • Server and network management, connectivity issues
  • Filesharing and cloud solutions
  • Data back-up and archiving
  • Industry-specific software and technology solutions

As small business specialists, we cover a broad range of clientele, including:

  • nonprofit organizations
  • dental and healthcare providers
  • law firms and real estate professionals
  • marketing companies
  • landscaping and trade companies
  • manufacturing and logistics companies

Visit our client case studies, testimonials, or FAQ page to learn about the services we provide for Toronto businesses since 2003.

Toronto Network Management Services For Small Business

Switching from as needed IT support, or cheap services to network management or managed IT services with an IT provider who will act like an extension of your team is one of the best things you can do for your business and your team.

At TUCU, we focus on working with thriving small business teams of 5- 50 people. We will take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business to make sure we have a thorough understanding of your networking needs. If you’ve been without satisfactory support for a while, we will start by documenting your network and recommending any adjustments or upgrades we feel are necessary to bring you up to IT standards.

After set-up and/or audit services, you’ll have access to our tech support team, which averages a one-hour response time. We do not require contracts, so you’ll never find yourself paying for a provider who doesn’t deliver exactly what you need, because you can walk away if you are not happy.

For IT network management in Toronto, North York or Scarborough contact us today.