IT disaster recovery

Would Your Business Survive A Flood? IT Disaster Recovery Plans

Would your business survive a flood?  Take a moment to consider the location of your paper files, computers and servers.  Would they survive a flood the likes of the recent floods in Toronto, stranding Go Train commuters, or the recent floods in Calgary or New York, submerging subways and street level offices alike.   Natural disasters aside, consider the threat of constantly escalating virus and malware attacks aimed at businesses.

It can be overwhelming to think about and therefore easy to push out of your mind and continue on with your work for the day.  Each of us regularly believes that such tragedies won’t befall us, until the moment they do.  If it happened to your business today, could you continue servicing paying clients?

IT disaster recovery plans, at the very least, should include remote location data backup to allow you to recover files, but have you considered disruption to your daily business activities and ability to earn revenue in the event your business is affected by a flood or natural disaster?   An IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) encourages you to look at your business, with your IT provider, and create a plan to:

  • Continue revenue earning business in the event of a disaster
  • Reduce loss of clients in the event of a disaster
  • Ensure you can continue to meet contractual obligations to clients during a disaster
  • Protect your companies reputation

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