I’ve Got Discontinued Backup Storage Array Problems

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I Was Sold Discontinued Backup Storage Arrays And Now I’m Stuck

Dear TUCU,

I think I’ve been hoodwinked.

A fast talking tech provider sold me a backup storage array he said would be fast enough for what I need for the next few years, with lots of storage room, and if that ran out it would be easy to upgrade and add more storage.

Well, I’m now running out of room and guess what? I can’t add more storage.

The vendor discontinued that specific device a very short while after it was sold to me. I find that really suspicious. I should have known the price was too good to be true.

Now I’m told all I can do is buy all new storage. This is going to cost me a fortune. What did I do wrong?

Broken Promises

Adam Says:

Dear “Broken Promises”,

That’s really unfortunate. Sorry to hear it. But you didn’t really do anything wrong. You put your trust in a vendor who let you down. We’ve all had a “if it sounds too good to be true…” lesson in life.

Most tech vendors are reliable and honourable, but we’ve found that some of them get compensated for the tech that they are “recommending” (read selling) to their customers. They become so dependent on the margins and kickbacks from those sales that they become biased and forget the best interests of the client.

I’d like to think that this vendor just didn’t know that the tech he was recommending was going obsolete, but it is possible that they may have wanted to move out as much hardware as possible before it was discontinued.

We can help. There may be ways to add new storage into your file system environment in a way that is transparent enough that it all looks like the same storage. Or we may be able to help you identify the files in your system that aren’t heavily accessed and set your older storage as an archive, allowing new storage to act as primary storage. We might even be able to analyze your files in such a way that you are to reduce and eliminate duplicate files so that you don’t even require new storage just yet.

By the way, I don’t know if you know this, but we do not sell any equipment. This helps us remain unbiased. We are not salespeople. We are IT advisors and implementers. The difference works for you.

And we focus on long-term, trust-based relationships, never quick sales.

So, if you want us to review your backup problem, we are happy to. And rest assured that any recommendations we make will be for you to purchase directly from another vendor that we’ve vetted together. We don’t benefit from your purchases. We want you to benefit from your purchases. So we aim to help you make the best one.

If you want us to review your backup problem, please call us, because we can help.

Adam Thorn
Lead Technician

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