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Imagine You Lost All Your Data Today.

infographic of data backup failure statistics

Quick Data Loss Statistics

Data loss happens. A lot. Recent data loss statistics show that 40% of data loss is caused by hard drive failure. Another 20% is caused by user error. If you don’t have data backup, or if you aren’t sure you’ve got it quite right, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

The Scary Data Loss Statistics Are Easy To Understand

Imagine, one moment you’re working away, and the next, all your data is gone. What would you do? What would it mean for your business?

Did you know that 40% of businesses that experience a data loss never re-open their doors?They are forced to pack it up and close, because recovering from a data loss event can be like recovering from a natural catastrophe. Don’t pack it up, back it up. Protect yourself. 

As you can see, the average value of a data loss event is $3,400, plus the cost of the tech support call and attempted recovery (which can take many hours and cost quite a bit).

You still have the damage to deal with, the disruption to your business, and the potential loss of reputation, especially if you have to report the data loss event to your paying customers.

We all think a data loss event or data back up failure won’t happen to us, but they happen everyday.  It makes financial and business sense to pay a professional to help you set up an automated data back up system today – before a loss.

March 31 is World Backup Day. Take the time to set up and/or test your data back up systems today.

Toronto Data Backup Services

Do you want help in choosing and properly setting up an automated data back up system? We are TUCU tech support in Toronto.  We specialize in working one on one with busy professionals and small business teams. We can help with a data backup solution for you.

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