My computer says that I need a copy of Windows before it will work.

My Computer Was Working. But Now, Upon Start Up, It Says I Need A Copy Of Windows. What’s Up?

Someone wrote in to ask:

I have a laptop that doesn’t want to run properly…or at all really. When I try to start it up, it says that I need a copy of windows before it will work.

Do you know if this is an easy fix? Or how I should go about having it fixed? I don’t trust people in the stores not to take advantage of me when I really don’t know a whole lot about computers…so I thought I would ask someone I do trust!


Sometimes computer repairs are cost effective. In other instances, the computer repair cost benefit is just not there. In this case we advised the client as follows:

That message on a previously working computer, likely means that the hard disk has died and thus has no bootable device. You’d need to replace the hard drive firstly, then have Windows reinstalled. In all honesty, with the cost of time involved, it would likely be cheaper to replace the laptop, especially if it is rather old.

If you’re having the same Windows error message, we hope this post will help you decide if you want to repair or replace your computer or laptop.

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