Disaster Recovery Planning & Services

Get Disaster Recovery Services in place before you need them. Our Disaster Recovery options cover total systems backup – not just data backup.

Your disaster recovery plan (DRP) is your lifeline in a crisis. Anything can happen - fire, flood, a ransomware infection.

Prevent a crippling blow to your business by adding a DR plan.

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DRP Is Key To Business Continuity

TUCU is a Managed IT Services Provider offering Disaster Recovery Solutions for small business.

Without a business continuity plan in place, including a Disaster Recovery plan, you are vulnerable to losing central IT systems and applications, irreplaceable data, significant financial losses and weeks of downtime. Some businesses who suffer a critical event never recover.

A DRP is a blueprint to respond and recover from an unforeseen mishap or event that would otherwise devastate your business. With a DRP in place, you can recover safely and get back to business.

TUCU can ensure your business continuity with options ranging from managed backup services to complete disaster recovery and IT management services. Talk to us about your specific needs and we will tailor a solution to match.

confident business owner with disaster recovery solution in place
IT technician configuring disaster recovery solutions

TUCU's Disaster Recovery Services Include:

  • Managed Backup - tested and verified
  • Multiple version redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery Plans with golden
  • Images and full application protection
  • Single or Multi-Virtual Machine replication
  • Boot ordering and prioritization
  • Real time replication and recovery

Contact TUCU Managed IT Services Inc to get your Disaster Recovery Solution in place.

Data Backup vs Disaster Recovery

You may be wondering what the difference is between backup vs disaster recovery.

“Backup” refers to data backups only and doesn’t apply to the physical machines, devices, or operating systems themselves.

In the event of a major disaster, all machines may require replacement, or, all operating systems may require re-installation, and only then can data be restored from “backup”.

"Disaster Recovery Planning" is having systems in place to restore all systems so that you can restore from backup.

Your DRP requires the right IT infrastructure to be in place before a crisis. This investment can protect your business from the kiss of death in the event of a serious breach or ransomware infection.

Get Your Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Small Business

What works for the goose may not work for the gander. Your business is unique and your back up and disaster recovery solutions will be too. We will help you:

1.  Define your mission critical.

What is essential? Where is it housed? How is it backed up? How is that confirmed and tested? Make sure your critical files are safeguarded and quickly restorable.

2.  Determine your downtime tolerance.

Can you work without access to mission critical systems for a day or two? How about a week or two? Your answers will determine the disaster recovery solution you need.

3.  Secure & Defend

Are your systems protected from disgruntled departing employees? From outside threat vectors? From common accidents that threaten security? Find your security gaps and secure them before an incident happens.

Why risk another day without a disaster recovery plan?

Business continuity and IT security requires layers of prevention.  Now is the time to examine all your IT systems and practices so you can prevent problems tomorrow. Let’s talk about your current setup and your needs moving forward. We’ll create a plan that fits your business.

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