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You need Work From Home (WFH) solutions for your business. We will consult, setup and support a secure solution for you.  Let us help you avoid costly mistakes that can come with poorly planned and rushed remote access setups.

TUCU is an IT Service & Support Company located in Toronto ON, offering secure remote work solutions for small and medium business across Ontario.

We will help you remotely setup new employees, computers, call extensions and the right security measures to protect your company.

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Popular Options For Remote Access For Employees

There are two popular methods of remote working, and you may be familiar with the terms BYOD and CYOD. The major difference boils down to security.

BYOD For Remote Employee Work

BYOD is Bring Your Own Device and refers to remote work setup whereby employees use their own devices to connect to company data. They may use free or cheap remote work services or tools to connect to their computer at work, or they may directly access business email and documents from their personal devices.

BYOD employee owned computers are not managed, secured or controlled by the company.

There is no endpoint security in place.

The device connects to the unknown and often insecure home network of the employee, and possibly other public, insecure WiFi hot spots at local coffee shops etc.

Often companies who use BYOD do so without any IT security frameworks such as Zero Trust Security or any sort of Identity Access Management in place. This means there is no control over which users, accounts or devices can connect to company data, no insight into devices connecting, and a higher percentage of data leakage and account hacks.

CYOD For Employees Working Remotely

CYOD is Choose Your Own Device and refers to remote work solutions whereby the employer provides a secured and managed device to the employee for work from home/remote purposes, and that device and accounts on it are authorized against the IT Security frameworks and policies in place that control access to company data and company accounts, thereby greatly reducing risk of data leakage, breaches and hacks.

Other Considerations For Setting Up Remote Employees

Aside from devices and email, there are other considerations such as printing, phone calls, and organizational communication.

Do you want your employees printing hard copies of sensitive or client information at home? What if those sheets are lost?

Do you want employees calling clients from personal cellphones? What if the employee leaves the company and the client is calling them on their mobile?

How will you keep in touch with your remote team, hold remote team meetings, manage organizational information to keep everyone abreast of company and client updates?

We can help you establish acceptable use policies for your team, as well as cloud print enablement or disablement. For phone calls and communication, we can help you setup online call and video conferencing tools that are attached to authorized user accounts only, so your team is working within your cyber security parameters. We can also setup VoIP phone systems with soft phones installed directly on to your company owned and managed devices, or with apps on your employee’s cellphones. Both options ensure calls are being placed to and from your company phone number. And of course, we can help you choose and setup tools for organizational communication such as team chat, team meetings and team intranet.

Remote Work Setup Services in Ontario

TUCU will help you setup your BYOD or CYOD remote work solution in Ontario. If you need to stick with BYOD for now, we will help you make it more secure. Of course, we always recommend best IT Security practices, including robust CYOD solutions to enable your remote employees to work with ease and security every day.

CYOD is part of a bigger cyber security strategy, and IT security needs to be adopted by every business today. TUCU offers all the IT Services SMB's need today.

Let's get your remote & work from home solution setup. Schedule a call. We're happy to go over options and provide you with an estimate.

Client Testimonials

Recommended to me by the technology director

"TUCU was recommended to me by the technology director at the large law firm where I work. I have relied on Adam along with Zoe and the rest of Adam's team for many years now to set up and manage my own technology at home. Adam's expertise is undeniable and customer service is his priority. I'm grateful for his motto that no question is stupid as I feel I have my fair share of those sorts of questions. I have no tech-aches and, if I do in the future, I am a call away from TUCU for fast relief."

- Debra Bilous

Very pleased...

"Adam & the TUCU team have worked with me for over 10 years. No problem is too big or too small - all work is done perfectly in a timely manner. Adam most recently did some major security upgrades for me. He then took time to ensure I understood the changes and could work to ensure the safety of my home and work systems. I am VERY pleased with the work that TUCU does and highly recommend them as a solid and reliable company for your computer needs. Fees are reasonable and worth every penny!"

- Joan F., Toronto

The right solution...

"After a difficult first foray into the world of cloud computing, Adam and his team got us back on track with the right solution and we've been working in perfect harmony ever since. Even though we are a small business with simple needs, tucu is quick to respond to our queries and makes feel confident that we are in good hands."

- Leanne, HUGroup


"We are a small business with specific needs. Adam was wonderful with offering solutions to the specific issues we had, while also making great suggestions for issues we did not foresee. The team at TUCU is friendly, and the installation of the products was flawless. We will definitely use their services again and recommend them to any small business requiring IT Services."

- Aitas Language School

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