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We setup, fix and extend WiFi networks in your office.

TUCU is an IT Solutions Company located in Toronto ON, offering WiFi solutions, installation, security and troubleshooting.

If your office WiFi setup isn't done correctly, you may end up with no signal in the desk area, and strong signal in the hall closet or break room. To get WiFi signal where you need it, start with the right plan and placement.

TUCU's network support specialists will install WiFi equipment to maximize signal and bandwidth for your team.

We have been building networks since 2003, so you can rest assured your project will be completed on time and on budget.

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WiFi Problems With Router

Take a look at this diagram of a typical router placement in an office. See how only some team members have WiFi signal?

office Wifi with access points

WiFi Access Points

With business WiFi access points, we create a solid WiFi signal blanketing the desired area.

office Wifi with access points

Common WiFi Issues

Your modem/router can only push a WiFi signal 10-300 feet or so, depending on the model.

In the past, WiFi repeaters were the only solution, but they simply don't work very well. Mesh WiFi systems can be very effective for smaller homes and offices. Truly commercial WiFi products, designed for business WiFi use are the best choice.

The diagrams above show how a typical single router affects your business. Team members outside your modem’s radius will either have intermittent WiFi service or no service at all. And if any one user in the radius is hogging the WiFi, they will choke out all other users, unless you have user restriction programming in place.

Other WiFi Problems

Building Interference
Concrete walls, steel structures and electrical interference can all block or interrupt your WiFi signal. This can be easily solved with hardware planning: where pieces should be placed to optimize the experience.

Wrong Configuration
Poor initial setup or inadequate hardware can lead to problems like NAT loops, printer and device connectivity issues, and spotty WiFi signals. This can all be addressed up front with a proper plan.

Weak Security
WiFi by nature is insecure. And if you don't have guest WiFi, or if it’s not set up with a partition, those WiFi thieves will slow you down or compromise your data. Optimized security protocols can eliminate these concerns.

WiFi is a must have for your business and that's why we will plan your setup right - to improve WiFi access to your team and boost productivity.

Get A Business WiFi Solution To:

Fix Spotty WiFi

Commercial grade units provide a strong WiFi signal and are designed to handle your business WiFi needs.

Extend WiFi Signal

Business WiFi solutions can span any distance.

Overcome the radius limits of modems.

Secure Guest WiFi

Improve WiFi security with user authentication for file access and a Guest WiFi network without access to company files.

End WiFi Hogging

One WiFi hog on your team can throttle the network for everyone else. We program better options for video streaming and large files.

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Get WiFi Where You Need It

TUCU will:

  • assess your needs and WiFi use and space
  • guide your hardware purchases
  • install your WiFi equipment
  • optimize your WiFi settings
  • install other network components such as your firewall, switches, server or VoIP phones

What Customers Say

"Pretty incredible"

By the way, the money we spent with your company might be the best ever for us. I don’t think we’ve had more than maybe 2 very temporary local outages since the install. Pretty incredible!

"All good"

10 / 10

“All seems good. Great customer service.”

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