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File Sharing Solutions

We help you choose the right method, and we set up everything for you.

TUCU is an IT Service Provider located in Toronto, offering file sharing solutions, including local file servers, NAS and cloud collaboration tools.

If you are still emailing documents back and forth, we can help you improve your work flow.

Get a better better way to share documents and collaborate with your team and clients.

Our certified IT Services professionals will identify your needs and advise you on the best file sharing solution for your business.

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Windows File Servers

Small Business Servers are the right solution for some professional service providers who have server based software, or are rendering large image files such as architectural drawings.

If a Windows Server for file sharing if right for you, we will help you choose the hardware and software and setup and configure everything for you.

TUCU also offers monthly server maintenance plans, so you don't have to take on the burden of managing IT systems. You can just focus on your business.


Network Attached Storage Device (NAS)

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a great alternative to a file server, and a solid file sharing solution for many SMB's. With raid array drives in case of drive failure, and optional cloud storage and file sharing, you're well covered.

Ongoing NAS management is simpler than a server, and requires less management.

We'll help you understand NAS cloud sync options, backup options, and file sharing permissions so you can choose the right file sharing solution for you.


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Microsoft One Drive & SharePoint

OneDrive allows your personal files to be available to you from any device with internet access, so you can work from anywhere. You can also invite team members or clients to view or collaborate on files with you.

A SharePoint Library allows all your company documents, regardless of who the author is, to be owned by the company, and shared according to the permissions you set. So marketing has access to marketing files, and HR has access to HR files.

We setup and support Office 365, One Drive and SharePoint Libraries.


Google Team Drive & File Stream

G Suite, Team Drive and File Stream give you the power to store and share company documents across your team. Each team drive can be shared with appropriate employees based on job role or department - or however you see fit. Individuals each have their own Google Drive for personal projects as well.

Share files with coworkers or clients and collaborate in real time.

Give your team the tools they need. Explore cloud file sharing options today.


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Client Testimonials

"Prompt, friendly and professional service. I highly recommend. "

-Brent Derksen, Andrew Wommack Ministries Canada

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