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Is Your Lack Of Data Security
Costing You Business?

Pass Your Next Vendor Screening and start winning top tier clients that can transform your business.

Schedule your free Discovery Call with lead consultant Adam Thorn now.  We will help you respond to security screenings and improve your IT security so that you can win new clients.

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If your IT systems are costing you big opportunities, then it makes sense to invest in IT to grow your business.

Be ready to do business with the right IT systems your ideal clients are looking for.

Our 4 step proven process will help you launch in to the next level of success.

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Discovery Call

Share your needs and screening documents.

Receive an estimate for an IT audit and responding to the screening.

The average cost to complete a screening for you depends on the length of your document, and ranges from $525-$650.

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Screening Response

As we complete your screening for you, we will also create your quote.

You will receive a completed screening ready for submission, as well as a quote to put the right systems in place and hire ongoing IT management.

This is everything you need to become vendor compliant so that you can contend for this bid - and the next.

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When you approve your quote, we will perform your IT systems remediation so that you are ready to pass this screening, and the next.

Vendors will assign a winning bid to companies that already have data security in place, or can demonstrate a completed screening and plan to implement upon selection.

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IT Management

Data security systems require ongoing management.

We will commence your Managed IT Services to keep your systems compliant and support you as you grow your business.

Win More Clients With The Right IT Systems

Outsourcing your IT Management is the easiest, most cost effective path forward. In no time at all, Toronto's highly rated team at TUCU will help you:

  1. assess your IT security
  2. remediate your IT systems
  3. rise to meet the data security needs of top tier clients who are looking for well managed companies like yours

Schedule your free consult and so that you can meet client expectations, pass future Vendor Data Security Screenings and grow your business.

Schedule your Discovery Call with lead consultant Adam Thorn now

...and grow your business with a trusted IT team on your side.

How Much Will It Cost To Setup?

It can range from $3,000 to $30,000 depending on your current setup, your needs and number of users. Becoming a security compliant company enables you to access business opportunities that can transform your revenue stream.

How Long Will It Take? 

It can range from 1 to 4 weeks from the time you approve your remediation plan, depending on the number of computers you have and the status of your current IT systems.

How Much Will It Cost To Maintain? 

It varies depending on the number of computers you have and the service you need. For example, meeting industry compliance needs with Security Incident & Event Management will differ from meeting standard best practices. Service costs can vary from $60-$110 per user, per month. Subscription costs will be in addition to service (Microsoft 365, G Suite etc) and vary depending on your needs.

We will prepare a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your objectives.

Are There Long Term Contracts?

No. Service is month to month. You can cancel with 30 days notice.

Will I Own The New IT Systems?

Yes. When you do business with us, we do not sell you hardware or software because we believe it's a conflict of interest.

We won't setup your infrastructure on our servers to tie you to us.

We will give you excellent IT solutions and support - no strings attached.

You will 100% own your IT systems and will never be locked in.

"No hesitation in recommending TUCU"

"...TUCU came recommended to us.... Adam Thorn, TUCU’s President, walked us through the vendor information security requirements list, identified what we would need, and gave us options without a hard sales pitch. TUCU created a network design to meet vendor requirements and set us up to win more new clients and projects....I have no hesitation in recommending TUCU to any company seeking an initial network setup or ongoing IT support. TUCU provides personal attention, is extremely responsive, and is great to work with…"

-Chris in Toronto


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TUCU is Toronto's trusted IT provider for SMB's seeking reliable IT solutions that deliver peace of mind and a competitive edge. A leader in remote work and data security solutions to keep your operations running smoothly and competitively, TUCU is headquartered in Toronto and serves local and remote teams across Canada & the US. From infrastructure and support, to Identity Access Management, SIEM reporting and more, we fix techaches and make people happy.

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