Cloud Management Services

Comprehensive Cloud Support

TUCU is a Toronto IT and Cloud Services Provider (CSP), offering a cloud services management solution that gives you an IT department who will help you:

  • authenticate users
  • control access and protect company data
  • provide unlimited IT support to your team
  • instantly gain access to IT experts working for you

The Managed Advantage Cloud Plan is a cost effective IT outsourcing strategy for your business. Schedule your free consultation to learn more.

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Certified Microsoft Cloud partner in Toronto
TUCU is a Certified Microsoft Small Business IT Specialist in Toronto
TUCU is a Google Cloud Partner in Toronto
A plus Certified Professional Computer Technicians For IT Support in Toronto
Certified Professional Network IT Consultant in Toronto
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Managed Cloud Security

Your user accounts are secured and restricted.

Your computers are armed with best in class antivirus, antimalware and content filtering tools.

Every device receives critical security patches upon release. All important software and security patches are performed weekly, to protect your business.

True cloud backup options are available to ensure you always have your files. Ask about them during your free consult.

Computer & Mobile Device Management

Best data security practices are put in place to protect your business.

Users are authenticated. Data is restricted. Admin rights are privileged. Remote wipe features are enabled.

Take control of your company data.

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Unlimited Support

Your new help desk technicians are available to support you and your team. We're just a call or click away. Critical issues are responded to in 15 minutes or less.

From new employee setups to software issues, it's all included.

Virtual CIO

We track any challenges that arise for you and address them during IT consultation meetings.

Gain insight and clarity with annual IT reporting & IT consulting to help you grow your business.

From managing your Microsoft Secure Score, and helping you respond to Vendor Security Questionnaires, it's all part of having your own IT department.

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An IT Department Supporting Your Growth

Getting your IT department launched is easy. First we audit your current cloud security & account settings, then we provide an estimate to close security gaps, and finally, your cloud management begins, including unlimited IT support for your entire team.No training. No sick days. Just IT support when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need cloud security?

Cloud networks and cloud accounts are attacked just as often as on premise networks.

Cloud management services include initial implementation of cloud security and best practices, followed by continuous monitoring and support to reduce the risks associated with:

  • Phishing and account hacking attacks
  • Financial fraud via account hacking
  • Accidental + intentional data leaks
  • Download of sensitive company files to personal devices with weak or no security
  • Lost & stolen devices with access to company data
  • Hostile employees with access to company data
  • Insecure personal devices bringing malware and threats in to company accounts
How do I secure employee accounts?
Do I need Azure Active Directory for cloud security?
Do I need Microsoft Secure Score for cloud security?


What people are saying...

“After a difficult first foray into the world of cloud computing, Adam and his team got us back on track with the right solution and we’ve been working in perfect harmony ever since. Even though we are a small business with simple needs, tucu is quick to respond to our queries and makes feel confident that we are in good hands."

- Leanne, HG Marketing

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