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Cloud Backup Services in Toronto

Backup offsite. Be ready for fire, flood, ransomware and cyber threats.

Offsite Cloud Backup Setup & Management

TUCU is an IT Services Provider and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) located in Toronto ON, offering cloud solutions such as cloud back setup, management and restore testing.

Be confident your business can handle a fire, flood or cyber threat, with robust offsite backup that is regularly tested.

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Cloud Backup Services

Would your current backup method survive a fire? A flood? Ransomware? Theft?

External hard drives that connect to your computers or network are not safe from ransomware or malware.

Our cloud backup solutions cover all your needs.


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Database Backup

Server backup, SQL database backup, and other business backup needs can’t be met with solutions designed for a solo or single computer. We offer database backup solutions.

Cloud Backup Testing Services

Your preferred back up method could stop working at any time due to:

  • your credit card being expired or cancelled
  • a software update /incompatibility
  • exceeding your GB max
  • a bad sector on a hard drive
  • user error or or simply forgetting to run the backup

We test your back up every week to ensure it can be restored when you need it to.

disaster recovery

40% of businesses that experience a data loss never re-open their doors.

Recovering from a data loss can feel like a hurricane hit your business.

Get a better business backup solution today.

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