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It's time to close IT security gaps and manage your IT to protect data, meet compliance, pass security screenings & grow your business.

We provide modern, cloud first, Managed IT Security services to help you do just that.

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Working With IT Security Conscious Companies

Data security conscious companies are on the rise.

More and more, we are seeing companies require their potential partners and vendors to pass Information Security Questionnaires before doing business together. Lucrative contracts are going to SME's who can demonstrate IT security systems that meet or exceed best practices outlined in these security screenings.

We will help you respond to vendor screenings and put in place the controls needed to win top tier, security conscious clients.

Securely Managing Employees, Devices & Data

In 2020, it is estimated that 70% of SMEs will move the majority of their systems to the cloud.

These changes require secure cloud solutions and IT security services. You need safe methods to setup and manage remote employees, setup computers, grant or revoke access to data, and provide tech support to your team.

Our comprehensive IT security services & management plans allow you to do all of that.

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Protect Your Business With Zero Trust IT Security

Today's IT Security best practices begin by assuming breach, and being prepared for that scenario. This is known as Zero Trust Security.

The Zero Trust Security framework is best practices for controlling access to data and reducing risk of breach and data loss.

If your technology is compromised, your business goes in to a tailspin trying to recover and do damage control.

That's why it's important to assess your IT security, and implement good practices to protect your company.

Our IT security services are based on the three tenets of zero trust security.

We are leaders in SMB IT Security and will help you level up your IT.

” TUCU was hired to provide … for NFP Canada… They were extremely reliable and are very knowledgeable about their field..."

- Sandra K.,

"TUCU has always provided us with excellent service and solutions for a reasonable price. Thanks TUCU!"

- Megan B., Manager

” … TUCU’s deep knowledge in network administration helped us uncover security and needs gaps on our network. ... We’re very happy with their services."

- Angela, Managing Partner

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1 IT Security & Your Team

The first tenet of Zero Trust Security is to authenticate and authorize users connecting to your company data (and deny all others). This includes email accounts, user accounts and devices.

Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Conditional Access, and Microsoft Mobile Device Management tools are leaders in IAM and MDM for small and medium business.

We will apply them to your business.

2 IT Security & Your Data

The second tenet of Zero Trust Security is to apply least privilege access.

As your IT security services providers, we will use Azure Active Directory and other tools, rules and permissions to help you establish User Groups that make sense for your business.

Each employee will have access to folders and files you determine to be suitable, and nothing more than is needed for them to perform their job roles.

Let's use best practices to protect your business.

3 IT Security Services To Minimize Risk & Loss

The final tenet of Zero Trust Security is to assume a breach and preemptively minimize the damage radius and loss by having the right controls and recovery processes in place.

One effective method includes removing administrative controls from your staff computers and granting it only to your IT team. This limits accidental installations of malware from bad clicks, accidental deletion of system software, installation of readily available but insecure software that seems safe - but isn't - and other common user created problems that can bring your business to a standstill.

In addition to tighter control, best in class antivirus, antimalware, content filtering and threat detection tools will be put to work for your fleet of computers, servers and accounts to identify and stop threats before they reach your systems - and having disaster recovery in place should you need it.

3 tenets = hundreds of tools & settings to manage

IT Security Services require ongoing management. To protect and grow your business, partner up and outsource to your reliable IT partners at TUCU.

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