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Microsoft Secure Score Services

Make sense of Secure Score with an IT Consultant.

TUCU is an IT Security Services Provider located in Toronto ON, offering Microsoft Secure Score services, including assessment and remediation.

Secure Score is a framework that helps you choose and apply security controls to improve your company's cyber security and protect your data and accounts.

TUCU will perform your initial secure score analysis, consult with you about your business processes, and recommend which controls make the most sense for you.

Scroll down to learn more about Microsoft Secure Score, or contact us now to schedule your free consultation so we can discuss your needs and supply you with a project estimate.

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FAQ's about Microsoft Secure Score

What is Microsoft Secure Score?

Microsoft Secure Score is a convenient and effective tool for you to assess you Office 365 and overall security status. It is a part of Microsoft's Threat and Vulnerability Management. The Secure Score tool gives you insight in to your score. By reviewing your score, you can identify weak areas and plan improvements.

The calculation is partly automatic, partly based on the information you provide and is best assessed with an IT professional because you don't want or need to aim for a perfect score. In fact, this can impede you. In any event, when you run the tool, you will get not just a number, but explanations of security control available, see where you are doing well, and where you could improve the score. You then decide which controls to implement.

What is a "control" in Microsoft Secure Score?

You may be looking for on an off switch to control a security setting in Microsoft Secure Score, but the word "control" has a specialized meaning in IT security. It applies to a set of policies and practices to mitigate a risk category. Secure Score identifies controls, or policies and practices,  you can implement to improve your security. Each Microsoft Secure Score control is worth a certain number of points if you implement it.

For example, two-factor authentication is a control in Secure Score. It's not a setting inside the Secure Tool, it is a best practice you apply to all your important accounts in the real world.

How is a Microsoft Secure Score calculated?

Each control that you implement gives you points. You can get points in two ways. One way is to turn on corresponding features in Microsoft 365, and you get points automatically. Another way is to implement some controls through third-party services, and then designate these points manually by providing a description of the service you are using.

Why is my Microsoft Secure Score not updating?

Microsoft Secure Score is not updated in real time. When you implement a new control, it will generally show up in the score after 24 hours.

How high does my Microsoft Secure Score need to be?

There is no right or wrong answer for how high your Microsoft Score needs to be.  The highest possible score isn't always the best.  Your score should be a realistic assessment of your business IT Security practices an needs.

The control panel gives you a slider to select the level of security you need, ranging from "Basic" to "Aggressive." The setting you choose affects the recommendations made and the controls shown to you.

An aggressive setting gives you the most locked-down environment and the highest possible Microsoft Secure Score if you meet all controls, which will result in a very secure environment, but will cost you in inconvenience and time. It could your employees to skirt best practices, causing security gaps.

Your score should strike the right balance between protection and ease of use, and will vary depending on what kinds of data you handle and what the consequences of compromising it might be.

How can I improve my Microsoft Secure Score?

It's important to have as good of a Secure Score as you need for your business, but it's not an end in itself. Don't implement controls just for the sake of the points. You and your IT Consultant are the ultimate judge of your security needs, regardless of what a Microsoft algorithm says. If some controls don't apply to your environment, remove them from the calculation.

Deciding which actions to take and assigning them priorities takes experience and understanding of security issues, and we can help. TUCU provides IT consulting and Microsoft Secure Score analysis and remediation services. We are located in Toronto and can also perform this cloud based consulting across the province of Ontario.

Contact us today. We'd love to talk with you.

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Client Testimonials

"After a difficult first foray into the world of cloud computing, Adam and his team got us back on track with the right solution and we’ve been working in perfect harmony ever since. Even though we are a small business with simple needs, tucu is quick to respond to our queries and makes feel confident that we are in good hands."

-Leanne, Heads Up Group

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