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Intrusion Detection & Security

A part of your total IT management solution.

TUCU is a Toronto IT Security & Managed Services Provider offering network security, network management and intrusion detection services to SMB's who do not have an internal IT department.

We deploy and oversee systems that keep your network secure from outside threats from the public web.

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FAQ's about Intrusion Detection Systems

What is a network Intrusion Detection System?

Intrusion Detection Systems are a component of overall network perimeter security. Perimeter security involves safeguarding a company’s network from unauthorized users. Managed Service Providers (MSP) and internal IT departments use tools and manage hardware and systems to defend network integrity, including firewalls, border routers, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). These advanced tools enable network administrators to keep a close eye and tight control over all network traffic, including devices and user accounts connecting to a network, and volume of data traveling the network. Anomalies and security threats are detected and quarantined.

I have a network firewall. Do I still need an Intrusion Detection System?

Network firewalls are one part of overall network perimeter security. Intrusion Detection Systems are another. IT security solutions should be built in layers, so that when one layer fails to detect a threat, another layer catches it. Each layer is finely tuned and better at catching specific threats. All layers working in tandem provide your best defense against cyber threats. Multi layered approaches are considered best practice.

I read that perimeter security is obsolete and that I need Zero Trust Networking instead. Is this true?

Perimeter security is an important part of any local, on premise network security strategy. Zero Trust Networking is another layer, and a very important one. In the past, perimeter security worked alone, defending company network from the outside web and external threats. Today, we know that approximately 30-40% of network security breaches are caused internally, both accidentally and intentionally. Zero Trust networking helps combat internal security threats.

Do I need a professional to use Intrusion Detection & Prevention tools?

While you can try to install, configure and use IDS/IPS tools on your own, it is not recommended. IT management requires a good education and years of practical application to become adept at understanding and managing complex technical systems.

Since leading IT analysts worldwide recommend that every business owner either be a certified information technology professional, or hire one, you will find no shortage of IT consultants and Managed IT Services companies catering to small business, medium business, and even large corporations with internal IT departments who could use extra help in managing all IT systems.

TUCU is one such Managed Services Provider in Toronto.  We provide comprehensive IT Security services as part of our IT management services. Schedule your free consultation to learn how we can serve as your IT department.

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"I’m a small business with a big business IT support department!"

-Sheena S., Toronto

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