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To keep the books in the black and the company thriving, small business owners often have to look for cost-cutting solutions and determine which expenses are really necessary. In the course of this process, many owners and managers make the mistake of thinking their companies simply can’t afford small business IT support.

While this service may seem like an optional expenditure or a luxury for later, it can actually help make or break your company’s profits in several vital ways.  TUCU offers small business IT support to help companies in Toronto Ontario, and in this blog post we explain the many financial benefits of this service and describe why your small business can’t afford not to take advantage of them.

Time Is Money – And Wasted Time Is Wasted Money

A computer virus, malfunctioning printer, email delivery issue, crashed WiFi, or any other digital disaster could shut down your operations for a few hours to a few days. How would that impact your small business?

Any of these real world scenarios could seriously impact your productivity and therefore profits. TUCU’s managed IT support services can help you avoid these kinds of computer catastrophes. If you opt for this program, our tech experts will:

  • Upgrade and better secure your network to prevent problems
  • Move you to a better back up method
  • Provide unlimited computer support to you and your team for email, network, Internet, printer, virus, and software issues
  • Respond to critical issues within 1-4 hours during regular business hours
  • Update your network security every single week to better protect your systems

Reducing risk and providing your team with fast support when they need it helps you save time and money.

The Importance of Safe Storage

In this day and age, you do business on your computer. This means you probably store sensitive data like customers’ billing information, receipts, and inventory on your server or local hard drive. Unfortunately, many small business owners and managers don’t realize how vulnerable theses storage systems actually are.

Ransomware could lock your files and hold them hostage.

A sudden hard drive failure could kill a computer, or the only external hard drive you have been backing up your files to.

How much of a financial hit would your company take if a hacker stole your information or your hard drive irreparably crashed?

Did you know that 40% of businesses that experience a data loss event close their doors forever?

Taking a proactive approach can safeguard your business. In addition to offering weekly network security updates with managed IT, TUCU specializes in small business server support services. We can help you set up and maintain both on-premise Windows Servers and remote Cloud-based servers and data backup systems to help your company function securely and smoothly.

Making the Most of Your Machinery

You wouldn’t buy a car and never take it to the mechanic, so the same logic should apply to your hardware or software.  Many small businesses invest in computer equipment as part of their start-up costs. While having the latest and greatest devices is great, this means relatively little if you don’t know how to use them properly, update them regularly, and keep them secure and running optimally.

TUCU provides IT consulting to help you choose which equipment your business really needs (we don’t sell any, so we are able to remain impartial), install it, and figure out how to use it. After your network is setup, we offer network management on an ongoing basis.  Our technicians work as an extension of your team, serving as your IT department, vital for any professional small business today.

The Power of Predictable Fees

Avoiding the relatively small cost of preventative small business IT services could end up costing you much more in the long-term. If you don’t invest in managed IT services (at a low, consistent monthly rate you can easily budget for), you’ll have to rely on “break-fix” support, meaning that if something goes wrong, you’ll need to call in a tech professional to handle it. By the time your system goes up in flames, it could cost thousands to fix. And of course, there is the lost productivity, customer trust, sales orders etc.  Managed IT is preventive support, helping you avoid expensive problems before they occur. In addition, with our program, if a major issue does arise, we offer on-site support at a discounted rate to make it as affordable as possible.

Small Business IT Support in Toronto

In the digital age, your company most likely can’t function without computerized technology – even for a few hours. Investing in small business IT support now could save you time, money, and inconvenience in the long-term.

TUCU is an IT Support Company located in Toronto, offering IT Services for SMB’s with 2-50 employees.  We are here to act as the IT department your business is missing.

If you own or run a company in Toronto, please contact us today for a free consultation.