What Are Managed IT Services?

Does a small business need an IT management company?

The Managed IT Services Model

Managed IT Services refers to an effective model of IT management where a network is first optimized and then proactively maintained by highly trained outside IT providers. It is ideal for small business without IT staff in house, and also for medium sized companies who can better allocate payroll funds to other areas while employing a Managed IT service provider for all IT management needs.

It’s different from the old “break & fix” model where help is only called in after a problem has already occurred. And it's less costly than hiring a full time IT employee. It also takes the burden of IT training or turnover off of your business, and leaves it with the trusted IT provider you work with.

Break & Fix IT Model

An old method of IT management is known as the “break & fix IT” model where help is only called in after a problem has already occurred.

The problems with "break and fix" are many. You’re left open to more security vulnerabilities. It’s reactive - by the time you’re experiencing a problem, you have also already lost time, data or both. You’re more vulnerable to major crashes which are more expensive to fix, and can leave your business non-functioning for days.

Managed Services eliminate those problems.

Break & fix models were popular when most of the working world got by just fine with pen & paper, cyber threats were minimal and ransomware did not exist yet.

Today, you rely on technology to compete and succeed, and a single network or security breach can devastate your business.

The old reactive IT method is outdated and insecure. Managed Services are considered to be the only wise alternative to in-house IT support staff.

In fact, IT Security and business experts have stated that all companies today, regardless of size, must have a CIO - Chief Information Officer. But when it comes to small teams - the teams we've been supporting since 2003 - a CIO is overkill, and it's certainly not in your budget.  Nevertheless, cyber threats keep rising and the ever changing technology landscape is increasingly difficult to navigate.

This is why Managed IT Services make sense for small business.

Do you need Managed IT Services?

Small teams with inadequate IT Support are frequently frustrated and delayed by computer problems, and are more vulnerable to IT security threats. Managed IT Services for small business address both these problems.

If the following sound familiar or ring true for you, it may be time to explore Managed IT Services.

  • Team is frustrated with computer problems.
  • Tired of waiting 2 or 3 days for computer help.
  • Recent computer virus.
  • IT network setup by a friend or someone who is not available to provide support or network management.
  • Uncertainty about server management, network security or user and data management.
  • Unsure how to check if backup is running or if data can be restored.
  • Would like more access to tech support but do not have budget for an IT employee.

Common Cyber Security Threats To Small Business

Small Business IT Security threats are real and rising.

The most common successful threats result from malware, phishing and vulnerable software being exploited - like Adobe.

The most expensive successful threats are employee fraud, network breaches and cyber espionage.

Nearly all threat types have doubled or more since 2013. We are in a period of acceleration in threats. IT Updates and support services are needed.

Data backup statistics tell us that the average cost of a small business data loss event is $3400 + the IT service invoice.

Kaspersky reports that the average cost of recovering from an IT security breach for a small business is $38,000.  By comparison, common IT Security upgrades to significantly improve protection for a small business with up to 25 employees come in at only approximately $6,000.

New network breach reporting rules in Canada make it even more important to invest in protecting your client and company data.

Managed IT Services cost less than a data loss, network breach or hiring an in house IT employee. And you get better network security + plus unlimited tech support for your team.

Painful Lessons You Can Avoid

A Data Loss Event

The backup fails to run for several weeks. No one on your team notices. Then, a hard drive fails. During the repair, your IT Provider has to be the bearer of bad news - you’ve lost weeks of work, invoices, orders and client communications. It will be difficult or impossible to recover the data. This is preventable with backup testing via managed services.

A Ransomware Infection

The server antivirus expired four months ago. No one noticed. A virus comes through and all your files are encrypted. A ransom is demanded to unlock them. No one can work. Removing a ransomware virus can be a full day of work or more – a very expensive IT repair. Preventing a virus is much less costly, stressful. Reduce your risk with managed services.

A Spambot Infection

You’re using a modem from your ISP or a big box store, not a commercial grade solution. It allows a spam bot on to your network which begins using your Exchange email server to send spam. Your ISP cuts off your internet, leaving your team unable to work. And your work domain is blacklisted, which means your emails are now going straight to everyone’s spam folders. Your communications just took a big hit. This mess can take days to clean up. Prevent it with better tech support.

Are you ready to delegate your IT management?

TUCU in Toronto will manage it.

Our Managed Advantage Plan is designed for small business with 5-50 employees and includes:

  • Unlimited Support for your team for software crashes, internet, email, network or printer connectivity issues, viruses...
  • 15 minute response time for any critical issues during business hours.
  • Better Security with weekly software and security updates.
  • Best Antivirus Software- A subscription to leading antivirus with active filtering for each computer is included.
  • Instant  - You instantly gain IT skills and support by adding our certified computer technicians for your team. No learning curve.
  • No Contract - If your needs change, walk away anytime with just 30 days notice.