IT Consulting for Needs Assessment

We'll find and report on your security gaps, at risk accounts, and aging hardware so you can plan your IT for the next 1-3 years.

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TUCU is an IT Consulting Company located in Toronto ON, offering IT Needs Assessments, Remediation and IT services for SMB's.

Top IT Security analysts recommend an in depth IT audit every 3-5 years. For small business, it is also recommend either:

  • The CEO also be qualified as an IT Professional
  • A qualified IT Professional is on staff full time
  • A Managed IT Services provider be contracted

Whether you suspect a network security breach, employee fraud, or are reviewing your critical systems, our Toronto IT security consultants can help.

Choose the DIY option to give your in house IT team an in depth review and to do list.

Choose the Full Audit for a deep dive review of all systems and reports to help you understand security gaps and what is needed to close them. Opt to hire TUCU or any IT provider to remediate findings.

Secure your systems. Book your assessment now.

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Why book an IT Security Assessment?

IT Security Threats

Most Common Threats are:

  • malware
  • phishing
  • software not being updated and exploited

Most Expensive Threats are:

  • employee fraud
  • network breaches
  • cyber espionage

We help you reduce your risk of breach or data leak.

Small Business Are Now Targets

You may be surprised to learn that small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals.

It is well known by criminals that most small business fail to invest in adequate IT security measures, which makes them easy targets.

It is also easier for a cyber criminal to take many small "scores" and sell that data, than to pull off a large breach.

IT Solutions

With the right tools and security policies in place, you can greatly reduce risk and better protect your data, your reputation, and your business.

It all starts with a thorough audit of your systems, devices and accounts. With a complete picture of your network, we can identify and close security gaps.

Don't be an easy target.

Option 1 - Technical Reports & DIY

DIY IT Needs Assessment

$195 - For Active Directory Networks Only

Perfect for those who are tech savvy and can interpret and act on the technical reports provided.

This service does not include IT consulting time or guidance on technical report findings.

Use The Info To:

  • Plan your own IT changes.
  • Decide if further IT Consulting is right for you


  • Network & Switches Schema with IP addresses
  • Patch Level Report for server
  • At Risk Dormant Accounts Report (breach risk)
  • At Risk Weak Passwords Report (breach risk)
  • At Risk Unpatched Software Report (breach risk)
  • No sales tactics. No strings attached.


Option 2 - Full IT Audit & Consulting

Full IT Audit

$590 for Active Directory network, up to 20 devices.

Ask for custom pricing for any other needs.

* For Active Directory Networks Only

This in depth network audit & IT Consulting engagement is recommended by expert industry analysts every 3 years as an independent security review.


Use The Info To:

  • Understand your network & make informed decisions
  • Undertake changes in house or with your provider of choice


  • All technical reports in Option 1 +
  • At Risk Equipment Report (mechanical failure risk)
  • Server Security Score
  • IT Consultation - Initial Interview
  • Executive Summary Report - for IT Planning for the next 5 years
  • Hardware & Software recommendations with purchase links
  • 1 hour post report call to answer all your questions


Client Testimonials

We hired TUCU for an independent Network Security Audit to help us gain insight into some concerns we had. We received a thorough written recommendations report from them that helped us undertake immediate upgrades and has us thinking about our future needs. TUCU worked well with our existing IT and software providers to get the job done. Working with them was painless, and as a result, it makes it easy to recommend them to anyone looking for network security support.

Why hire TUCU for your IT Needs Assessment?

SMB IT Specialists. We are certified and elbow deep in best practices for small and medium sized firms.

100% Canadian Owned & Operated.  You trust us with your IT. We don't outsource that.

Reliable, experienced Virtual CIO + help desk team to support your business.

Problem solvers.  We're not salespeople. We're problem solvers. We will find and fix your IT gaps.

Highly Rated.  TUCU has countless positive reviews online.  You can count on us.

Trusted. TUCU has been serving Toronto since 2003, with integrity and skill. We're here to help you.

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