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Insight + actionable reporting to help you control and secure your technology.

TUCU is a Toronto IT Consulting firm and a trusted provider of IT Services since 2003.

We don't disguise sales pitches as free network assessments. Your network assessment is more than the standard report every company prints out.

Our network assessment includes IT consulting time and a plain English Executive Summary explaining which scary red flags on the report or not actually scary - and which security gaps you need to focus on.

Take the right action, with insight, direction, and purchasing links. Do it with TUCU, on your own, or with your in house IT staff. Contact us now to schedule your network assessment.  Just $495.

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IT Security Threats Are Rising

Most Common Threats are:

  • malware
  • phishing
  • software not being updated and exploited

Most Expensive Threats are:

  • employee fraud
  • network breaches
  • cyber espionage

Reduce your risk with an IT audit and action plan.

Small Business Are Now Targets

You may be surprised to learn that small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals.

Criminals target SMB's because they know that most small business fail to invest in adequate IT security measures, which makes them easy targets.

It is also easier for a cyber criminal to take many small "scores" and sell that data, than to pull off a large breach.

Mitigate Your Risk

With the right tools and security policies in place, you can greatly reduce risk and better protect your data, your reputation, and your business.

It all starts with a thorough audit of your systems, devices and accounts. With a complete picture of your network, we can identify and close security gaps.

Don't be an easy target.

Your Network Assessment Includes

We include all the standard technical reports any managed services provider would include in a free assessment and sales meeting, including:

At Risk Unpatched Software Report (breach risk)

Operating system version reports

At Risk Dormant Accounts Report (breach risk)

Server Security Score

Hardware specification report

Antivirus status and version reports

At Risk Weak Passwords Report (breach risk)

Network & Switches Schema with IP addresses

At Risk Equipment Report (mechanical failure risk)

Local account weak password report

Patch Level Report for server

Also Included

Initial IT consultation to discuss your business needs, concerns, problem areas, and wish list.

All technical reports translated into a Plain English Executive Summary of findings and action to take in one Word document - no unnecessary PowerPoint or endless pages of "impressive" technical print outs (though we will also provide those to you).

Hardware and software purchase recommendations with purchase links from 3rd party vendor because we don't sell hardware as we consider it a conflict of interest.

Follow up IT consultation to answer your questions once you have reviewed your Executive Summary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business need a network assessment?

The world's leading security analysts recommend that every business, regardless of size or industry, perform in depth IT reviews every 1-3 years.

They also recommend that every business owner either be a certified IT professional, hire a certified IT professional(s), or outsource It services to certified IT providers, because IT management requires in depth knowledge, skill and experience.

What is the difference between a free consultation and a network assessement?
Other companies offer a free assessment. Do you?
How long will my network audit take?
What is the process?

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