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Secure and grow your business.

Take your organizational abilities to the next level with IT Governance, Risk and Compliance management in place.

From NIST to COBIT to ISO and CyberSecure Canada, with help from our IT Compliance Consultants in Toronto, you can be confident that your IT systems will pass any framework assessment or audit.

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Facing an Information Security Screening?

It can be overwhelming. 

Understanding what the technical questions relate to can be a challenge. Translating the lingo to plain English, and then deciphering how your IT setup meets or fails the criteria requires technical knowledge.

Our professional IT services team can help you complete the process.

Want to improve your IT governance?

Reduce your risk.

TUCU offers comprehensive managed technology services for small business who have regulatory or internal compliance requirements, or need to pass ISO, NIST, and other compliance audits.

Reduce risk. Protect data. Grow your business.

Information Security Screenings

Are your required to meet enterprise level security, even though you are a small business

Our IT compliance consultants can help you with:

  • Client / Vendor Screenings
  • NIST
  • ISO 27001/16/18
  • SOC2
  • CyberSecure


We will help you respond to InfoSec screenings, make a plan to update IT systems to pass screenings, submit plans and technical documentation as required.


Cybersecurity improvements done for you to ensure your network and cloud systems meet your compliance requirements.


We will manage your:

  • Information Protection and Governance policies
  • IT Risk Management policies
  • IT Compliance Management tools


Focus on operations and business development. We will monitor and manage your IT security systems and support your executive team through policy management.

Client Testimonials

What clients say

"As our Managed IT Service Provider, TUCU advocates for us, leads us through the complex IT world and works as an extension of our team... and that kind of service is very hard to find. We highly recommend TUCU to any small team looking for attentive, responsive IT services, especially those without their own IT trained employee in-house."
Jan- Managed IT Services client
"TUCU came recommended to us. We liked their direct approach to technology planning and problem solving. Adam Thorn, TUCU’s President, walked us through the vendor information security requirements list, identified what we would need, and gave us options without a hard sales pitch. TUCU created a network design to meet vendor requirements and set us up to win more new clients and projects. As our ongoing Managed IT provider..."
Chris - Managed Security Services Client
Managing Partner

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