Internet and WiFi Speed – Things To Know Before You Sign A Lease Or Sign Up With An ISP


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Checking Internet Speeds Before You Sign A Lease

Before you consider signing a lease for an office space, be sure to call internet service providers and ask about what service packages and options are available for that address.  One side of the street may have high speed, and the other may be painfully slow and out of date.  We've seen it happen more than once.  Please do not assume the office space you are ready to sign on has a decent internet connection.  Call and confirm internet speed options with multiple providers, using the postal code for your new office.


If the internet signal is insufficient, your cost to break your new lease and move again will be great.

If you signed a 2 year term to get a better deal on your internet package, which proves to be insufficient, your cost to break the contract may be great.

If you find you need a dedicated circuit for your operations, instead of the typical shared with other businesses circuit, your cost to bring in a dedicated fibre connection (if available in your area) will be great. And this is a complex build project, requiring Municipal Consents & Locates. Expect a 3-6 month timeline. There are also hefty installation fees. You would be locked in to a term of 3 or 5 years. Finally, the monthly fees are quite high, ranging from $800-1200/month for a dedicated network (not shared), depending on the speed and length of term chosen.

You can read to real life horror stories in our office moving tips post linked below.  Take our word for it.  It's much easier to confirm internet speed options before you sign the lease than deal with the aftermath.

Understanding What Internet Speed You Need

Understanding exactly what kind of internet connection and package you need is not as straightforward as you may think.  That's why we created a handy guide to help small business owners understand upload and download speeds, why file size matters, the difference between fiber and DSL and when you absolutely must get the best fiber connection and more.  It's all to help you choose the right internet package for your business, and help your business succeed, so check it out!

Office Relocation Tips

We've set up or moved many IT networks over the years. Here are some helpful tips to help you plan your office relocation.

Office Relocation Checklist- 5 Key Areas To Get Right

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