Gain Insight Into Your Network Security

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Whether you suspect a breach or are reviewing your critical systems, we can help.  Our Insight Package is a thorough audit of your network, complete with an action plan to close security gaps today and better plan for tomorrow.


Small Business Network Security Threats


If you don’t think that your small business needs regular IT Security updates, you may be surprised to learn that small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals, because it is well known that many small business owners fail to invest in adequate IT security measures.

Did you know that locally installed virus scanners are notorious for catching only a fraction of infections?  Did you know they often miss Crypto malware?

Next generation Unified Threat Managed (UTM) firewalls are better because they are constantly validating inbound and outbound traffic on your IT network against a constantly updated list of known threats. They look for patterns and data that could signify infection or malicious intent.

Firewalls are just one component of network security that you may need to better protect your business.  We’ll review your specific needs and options with you.

When you schedule an in depth network security review with TUCU, we’ll look at your firewall, antivirus and everything else on our in depth, 18 page network security checklist. We’ll give you insight into your critical systems and help you close any major security gaps.



“We hired TUCU for an independent Network Security Audit to help us gain insight into some concerns we had. We received a thorough written recommendations report from them that helped us undertake immediate upgrades and has us thinking about our future needs. TUCU worked well with our existing IT and software providers to get the job done. Working with them was painless, and as a result, it makes it easy to recommend them to anyone looking for network security support.”

-Ethan Kline, Scout Logistics


With The Insight Network Security Audit, You Get:

  •  An audit of all your technology – we will be onsite for 3-5 hours
  • Diagram of your existing network setup
  • Diagram of proposed network changes to improve security
  • Snapshots of each computer with details on their hardware and software to help you plan upgrades over the next 1-5 years
  • Detailed written recommendations report to help you close any major security gaps and to guide your IT purchases for the next 1-5 years
  • Detailed estimate for urgent, necessary IT upgrades
  • 1 hour phone Q&A session after your receipt of recommendations report and estimate to answer all your questions


Insight Network Security Audit Report Cover

You can use this report to do nothing, to shop for an IT provider or to proceed with TUCU as your IT provider.

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