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Hybrid Cloud Computing For The SMB In 2014


Reasons For SMB’s To Adopt A Hybrid Cloud Solution

For the majority of organizations, the move to a hybrid cloud solution has become a question of when, and the “if” has gone out the door entirely. Hybrid clouds offer users the distinct benefit of on-demand access to IT resources to develop new applications, as well as the ability to simply manage current ones all in one place.

Moving to hybrid cloud solutions depends on the special requirements of the workload. However, to help get your business into the mindset of a hybrid cloud solution, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the top use cases for moving to the hybrid cloud.

The hybrid cloud offers everything businesses like about the public cloud with internal control systems that are very easy to manage.

#1: Packaged Applications

A frequent source of frustration from IT departments is not being able to quickly add capacity whenever it is needed, to meet business demand. Transitioning packaged applications helps solve this problem, like collaborative software and email, to the hybrid cloud. Users can work with their existing applications in the cloud without any changes need. Plus, users can transfer applications without any reconfiguration or re-coding needed, and with no loss in the level of performance, availability, or security that users are already familiar with.

#2: E-commerce/Web

The hybrid cloud is an excellent match for online retailers. E-commerce and web applications developers are usually looking for tools that facilitate the right compliance and dynamic resource requirements. The hybrid cloud is a scalable and cost-effective platform to deploy e-commerce and web applications. Furthermore, users can leverage their current IT policies to meet all control, compliance, and security requirements.

#3: Storage/Archiving/Backup

Data is the core of all successful IT operations. However, IT deployment at a single site can make companies very vulnerable to service disruption, and if a technical failure or natural disaster happens, and they lack a backup, they are in trouble. A

The SMB Hybrid Cloud Market Is Set To Grow Over The Next Three Years

The SMB hybrid cloud market is projected to grow dramatically over the next three years. Companies all around the world are starting to look at the hybrid cloud as a really transformative operating model – a game-changer that offers a wealth of opportunities to businesses.

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