How Microsoft 365 Benefits Small Businesses


In this post we cover how Microsoft 365 benefits small business in some key ways you may not have considered. As SMB IT Consultants, we’ve found that many small businesses would like to switch to cloud-based IT systems, for the convenience of using apps in the cloud, but never consider all the security benefits of Microsoft 365 for small business without IT staff in house.

If you’re running a business, you prioritize your time and energy to keep things running smoothly, not keeping up with the latest IT security recommendations, the changing technology landscape where threats evolve rapidly, and the tools you need to protect your business. With this post, we help you explore the security features of Microsoft 365.

If you are looking for a Toronto cloud consultant to help you move to Microsoft 365, With our Microsoft 365 services, you can switch to the cloud worry-free, because our cloud IT consultants plan your project and our trained computer technicians do all the work for you. We take the time to (1) familiarize ourselves with your IT needs, (2) research the cloud-transition process for your specific systems, and (3) determine which special features are going to benefit your workflow. We take care of the technical details at all stages of the transition-and our team offers post migration support via our help desk.   You get all the cloud-based benefits, with none of the hassles of initiating your own transition.

But first, let’s talk security!

Security Benefits of Microsoft 365 For Small Business

As you likely know, Microsoft 365 is different from prior versions of your Microsoft software, because it uses the cloud for a number of tasks that previously relied on local applications and storage.  Some specific differences you’ll notice in Microsoft 365 include:

  • Outlook email and calendar are synced and accessible from any device, without an increased risk of security risks.
  • Office’s web apps work with desktop applications. This means Word, PowerPoint, Excel, (etc.) desktop versions are synced with any mobile app connected to the web. You can start a spreadsheet at the office, and work on it from your phone or tablet.
  • Document sharing is easier. Since all collaborative/shared documents, calendars, and tasks “live” in the cloud, updates and input from multiple users is instantaneous and storage is unlimited.
  • Instant messaging and online meetings/conference calls are built into Microsoft 365, so there’s no need to use a separate system to connect.

In addition, you can benefit from the following.

Email Encryption in Microsoft 365

Every business is going to have unique needs, and many small businesses can stay better connected and protected with Microsoft’s built in security features. When you move your email server from your own in house email server to Microsoft’s email servers in the cloud, they manage all the security settings for you. They have the skills and resources to harden an email server better than you can on your own. There is also an option for end to end email Encryption in Office 365.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 makes remote wipes easy to initiate in the event that devices become lost or stolen when mobile device management is enabled.

Data Compliance And Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 also makes sure users are compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, and FISMA (if any of those apply to your business).

Secure Collaboration

With cloud centralization, there’s no more divide between staff who are in the office and out of the office. If you have a connection to the internet, you have access to all your files, shared documents, databases, and storage. Your people can stay connected to their work, your clients, and each other, no matter where they are.  This can make working remotely a breeze for your team.

In addition, since the entire team has access to the documents in the cloud, there is no need to email company documents back and forth, or to download them to local or personal computers when working remotely or from home.  Employees can work within the company’s cloud interface, thereby reducing data leaks and increasing security.

Scaling for Growing Business

Perhaps one of the best benefits for small businesses is that Microsoft 365 is made to grow with your data storage needs. As your business grows, so do your cloud IT systems. You’ll never have to worry about technical capabilities slowing down your growing pace or workload. Nor do you have to worry about paying for extra storage capabilities that you might not end up using. Whatever your pace of business, Microsoft 365 automatically adjusts.

It’s also easy to add a new user account and email when you hire new employees, or lock and archive email accounts and their content after an employee departs.

Toronto Microsoft 365 Consultants: If you’ve been thinking about switching to Microsoft 365, let us take the pressure off your decision. We do all the work-including moving all your emails, contacts, documents and calendar items to the cloud for you.  Call TUCU today for an Microsoft 365 consultation for your business. We’re here to help.

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