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What is hard disk corruption?

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Hard disk corruption means that the data (be it programs, user data or system data) of a specific area of memory is no longer readable.

Power failures are the most common cause of data and hard disk corruption. Computer crashes are another common cause.  When a computer or server is improperly shut off, whatever is in memory at the time has a high chance of being corrupted.

Other causes of hard disk corruption include static build up, lack of air flow and temperature regulation in the room/device, viruses, bad capacitors in the drives, age of drives causing age related errors such as magnetic breakdown, age of the operating system and more.

If you suddenly can’t see some of your program files, or some programs are no longer working, you could be experiencing hard disk corruption.  You may or may not receive an error message.

If there was no specific event that caused the hard disk corruption, then it is likely a hardware failure, especially for older systems.  Eventually, all computer systems become damaged or die. Some do so slowly and we can patch and repair it as long as possible.  Some have severe or instant hardware failures rendering them unusable.

The first component to die in a computer is almost always the hard disk. It is the most prone to hardware failure.

If your computer shut off without notice and won’t turn back on, you may be experiencing hardware failure.

To limit the risk of hard disk corruption and hard ware failure caused by power surges or power failures, always use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).  AVR technology will boost or reduce power to your computer during power fluctuations which help keep your hardware operating normally, and help reduce hardware failure.

You can search your local Staples store for UPS with AVR to find several models.  Invest in a good quality unit  as prevention is always cheaper than correction.

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