Hackers Are Bolder – An IT Audit Can Assess Your Vulnerabilities

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Cybercriminals Are More Active – A Network Security Review Is Recommended Every Year

A lot of companies take network security for granted. For example, if you paid to have your network setup once, you may think all is fine.  While, on the whole, this should be true-the fact remains that security breaches are becoming more and more prevalent. Things slip. A security gap can be left open anytime a change is made.  It can be as simple as adding a new computer to the network and forgetting to change the default admin user profile to a standard user profile to reduce risk. For this reason, regular network security reviews are recommended.

We all hear about big targets like Equifax, but you don’t have to be a whale of a business to suffer a breach.  Hackers are turning toward smaller businesses to make a quick buck, because they know security gaps are more likely in a small business without regular IT updates. Small business hacks are on the rise, and experts estimate that about 60 percent of those who get hacked will go out of business within six months.

Small Business Network Security Threats

This short video lists the most common and most successful network security threats small business face.

No matter what the size of your business, conducting a thorough network security review can help you identify any gaps in your security protocols and take active steps to close them. It is recommended that every business conduct a security review at least once every three years, and it’s recommended that you use a third party to conduct it.

Why hire a third party, like TUCU for a network audit? If you do have gaps in your security, your “computer guy/gal” in the office likely won’t catch them.  Even if you have hired a trained computer technician to set things up and provide bandaid service when something breaks, a fresh set of eyes and a thorough review are recommended every 3 years.  Think of your new car – it ran perfectly when purchased, but in the first 3 years, several adjustments had to be made to keep you driving safely.

Network Security Reviews

At TUCU, our one-time network security review service includes a comprehensive audit of all the vulnerabilities that may exist for your business’s network and data storage. This includes:
– Assessment of user access control
– Password weakness review
– Vulnerabilities in external port access
– Back door testing
– A diagram of the network in its current state

We also provide you with a full report on potential areas of vulnerability and how they may be repaired or restructured to close gaps. You will see an easy-to-understand written and visual rendering of the state of your network security, as well as what it needs to look like in the future to protect your business and client’s sensitive information.

After the review, some of our clients find that they are satisfied with their network security, some use their own IT provider to close gaps, and some choose to hire TUCU as their IT provider going forward. There is no commitment on your part; what you do with the information gathered in your security review is up to you.

TUCU is a Toronto IT support company located in Toronto ON, offering network security reviews, upgrades and support. Since 2003, we have been supporting non profit and small business teams who do not have an IT professional on staff. We do not sell hardware or software and do not push specific products, but rather make recommendations on your needs and best practices. Learn more about our network security audits and network management services by reaching out to us today.

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