File Sharing Solutions For Small Business

Collaborate With Ease

File sharing with team mates and clients is a day to day activity. Are you still sending email attachments back and forth?

We will help you find a better way to share documents and collaborate with your team and customers. Explore cloud based and on premise file sharing solutions for small business with our Toronto tech support team.

We setup and install file servers, Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) and cloud based file sharing solutions for teams like yours.

Hire Toronto IT Consultants To Setup Your Secure File Sharing Solution

Book your free phone consultation to explore your options and choose the right file sharing solution for your team.  Our knowledgeable IT consultants in Toronto will help you get your file share setup with minimal interruption to you.

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Cloud File Sharing

Explore professional grade cloud services that will let you store and share your documents in the cloud, and co-edit with team mates and clients in real time. We setup and support Office 365 with Sharepoint and G Suite with Team Drive.

File Server Setup

Small Business Servers are the right solution for some professional service providers who have server based software, such as law firms, or are rendering large image files such as architectural drawings.

We'll help you choose the right hardware for your needs, and we'll setup everything for you.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Setup

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a great alternative to a file server, and a solid file sharing solution for many small business teams. With raid array drives in case of drive failure, and optional cloud storage, you're well covered.

We'll help you understand cloud sync options, backup options, and file sharing permissions so you can choose the right small business file sharing solution for you.

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