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File Sharing Solutions For Small Business

Are you looking for a better way to share documents and collaborate with your team and customers? Explore cloud based and on premise file sharing solutions for your small business with our friendly tech support team in Toronto. 

Cloud File Sharing Solutions

Explore professional grade cloud services that will let you store and share your documents in the cloud, and co-edit with team mates and clients in real time.

Small Business Network Servers

File servers, digital imaging servers, domain controlling servers & more- speak to us about building the network your team needs to work with ease & security every day.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A great alternative to a server, and a solid file sharing solution for many small business teams. Speak to us today about your options.

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Explore your options and choose the right file sharing solutions for you and your team.  Our friendly, knowledgeable IT consultants will help you get your network setup with minimal interruption to you.

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