File Sharing For Teams With A NAS


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...A Network Attached Storage Device, Not The Famous Rapper

When our client asked about file sharing for teams and we told her about a NAS, she thought we were talking about the famous hip hop artist Nas.  We all chuckled.  Fun moments with clients are the best.

All jokes aside, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) may be the sensible file sharing solution you've been looking for.

A NAS allows your team to locally store, access and share documents.

A NAS is far less costly than a server. If you have an aging server without much other use for it other than file sharing (because you've moved most of your services to the cloud), when it's time to retire that server, you may want to explore a NAS for file sharing.

A NAS is easy to use, without the syncing issues of OneDrive (though Microsoft is promising to resolve some of those problems with the next generation file sync...we'll see).

Sharing files is easy both internally with your team, and externally with clients.

Your data is stored privately on your own device. In some ways, you can think of it as a massive, more sophisticated external hard drive., with the ability to provide drive redundancy like a server, so that if one drive fails, you have a mirrored copy.

You also have the option to backup your files to a private cloud account. We recommend OwnCloud.

And if you've been emailing large attachments back and forth with coworkers or clients, and are frustrated with slow attachment uploads and downloads, a NAS can help to relieve the congested bandwidth you're experiencing so you can enjoy more productivity and less stress.

We recommend exploring the Synology brand NAS devices. And if you would like it all setup for you, please contact us for an estimate.

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