Every Business Needs Spam Filtering Tools

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by TUCU Managed IT Services in Toronto

45% of all sent emails are spam emails – that’s almost half of all emails sent out. Every business needs spam filtering tools.

Business email addresses are the target of more spam, because for a cyber criminal, access to a corporate or small business server can deliver more bang for their buck. The more accounts a spammer can phish or hack into, the greater their chances of recovering credentials for high value accounts such as banking logins, or HR accounts with sensitive information that can be resold on the dark web.

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To understand why your emails are ending up in spam, this post can help.

For a useful guide on cyber security for business owners, click the link below.

Block Unsolicited Threats

Humans (employees included) can be gullible, and it only takes one misplaced click on a pop-up add to download and activate spam malware on a computer. This can sabotage your business in an instant – or the threat could go quietly unnoticed for months.

Remove the threat before it reaches your employees altogether. A spam filter automatically picks up threats and blocks them by either deleting them or ensuring that they are never displayed to the user.

Filter Legitimate Emails

How do employees differentiate between authentic company emails and spam messages that can endanger the entire network?

Spam filters are capable of recognizing threats and will only filter spam. Encrypted emails that have unique digital signatures can separate valid company emails from spam.

Ensure You Meet Data Regulations

Some businesses are liable to stricter privacy and data storage compliance. To operate in the first place, they need to meet specific requirements for installing anti-spam software to reduce the risk of data breaches. Content and Spam filters can ensure that you reduce the risk of data breaches and comply with an information use policy your business is subject to.

Safeguard Your Business Reputation

It is painful and embarrassing to go through the process of reporting a data breach and to admit your business failed to protect consumer data. And afterward, it can be challenging to rebuild a customer’s trust in you – that is if your business can survive the potential financial losses often associated with a data breach.

Spam filters will make these compromising situations less likely. Not only do they offer immediate protection, but they keep improving as new algorithm improvements make spam filters more efficient with every iteration.

Filter Phishing Attempts To Protect Your Business

According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), phishing was the number one source of data breaches in 2019.

The average lifespan of phishing websites is around 48 hours. These pop up website tactics trick users into believing they are visiting the real thing, and entering their real credentials into a fake site. Those credentials are then used to mine or sell more sensitive account data.

Phishing filters work differently compared to standard spam filters. They rely on real-time databases that your browser checks when you head online. Phishing filters rely on comparing URLs to legitimate ones, and flagging mismatches. While you might not notice subtle threat indicators, using BitDefender Content Filtering on endpoints can effectively block virus-carrying emails and phishing websites before they reach your screens.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection for detecting spam and phishing threat has proved its success in the past. In 2018, Office 365 blocked five billion phishing emails.

Train Employees To Look For Phishing

If employees can’t recognize security threats, how will they avoid them?

The Chubb’s Third Annual Cyber Report reveals that educating employees on IT security is crucial for SMBs looking to prevent cyber attacks. As humans, they are capable of making mistakes. They can easily trust fake identities, websites or emails that aim to gain access to company information. Providing your team with cybersecurity training and phishing tests helps to protect your business.

In conclusion, content and spam filtering are essential to keeping your business secure.

You may not have the in-house resources or the IT Department to protect sensitive company information. However, a managed service provider can help your business ensure that adequate measures are being taken to protect your IT network so that data leaks and information misuse aren’t a concern for you.

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