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Your Small Business Needs A Branded Email Address

Your professional image deserves a branded email address.  If you’re still using a free email like @hotmail or @yahoo for your business, you’re sending the wrong message.

Have you ever wondered how many opportunities you’ve missed by not putting forth your best image?  A branded email address tells people you are the right candidate, a true professional invested in your own success, and the success of your clients.  Don’t miss another opportunity. Get your own domain and branded email address so you can:

  • put forth a professional image
  • direct visitors anywhere you want by pointing your domain to your blog, website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile – anywhere online
  • avoid ever having to change email addresses again – always keep your domain and branded email address regardless of moving or changing internet service providers
  • get more done with other options we can discuss with you, including working in the cloud with your branded email address, online document storage and editing, online collaboration with your team or clients, and more

Branded emails which are created on professional grade email platforms for business, such as Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 also help your message land where you want it to be – in your target’s inbox, not their spam folder.

Branded Email Solutions For Small Business in Toronto

Do you want help with your domain, hosting or email solution?  Do you want a trusted provider who can set up everything for you, in your own name, under your ownership, and just make it work for you?  We can help.

We are TUCU and We Fix Techaches.  We help busy professionals and small business teams in Toronto with computer and IT problems.  Our friendly team will help you get or move a domain, get branded email addresses, shared email addresses, aliases, email distribution groups, or anything else you need.   We can also help you with your new computer setup, antivirus setup, computer networking and more.