“My Email Isn’t Coming Through My Website”

Email Not Coming Through From Website Form – You Asked, We Answered

There are many reasons email sent through a web form may not be delivered. Today we answer “A”.  Her problem is a common one.  She isn’t the first small business owner to be let down by free email.

Hi Zoe,
I have had a couple people tell me that they sent me an email and I have not received them.  In fact I have not received any emails from my website in months. (Including a test I sent through).  People think I can’t be bothered getting back to them and that is not the image I want to have!  Unfortunately this computer stuff is a necessary evil and my knowledge is limited.  Wondering if there is something I need to do.

Hi “A”,

Sorry to hear it.

I changed the email address in your web form to my own professional email address.  I am now testing the form. If the email comes through, I will forward to you. That also means the problem is not with the form but with your free email address at live.ca either marking these emails as spam or not accepting them.  If the email does not come through, I will escalate your issue for help from the techs.

Hello again A,OK, so your form works perfectly with my professional email address.  See below – I forwarded you the success message.

This means that the problem is with your free email address.

The reason the free accounts don’t work well for business, but the paid ones do is because those GIANT companies (Google, Microsoft) work with internet service providers to make sure their emails get through. When you pay to be on their service, your email is their email – it gets through.

I know it seems like free email should work as well as paid professional email, but it isn’t quite so, and there is a lot of technology behind it.  When you switch to a professional email platform, your emails will get through.

We recommend either Google Apps for Work or Microsoft Office 365.

Both are cloud based and work anywhere.

Both are easy to sync to your smartphone.

They start at $5 per month.

The high-level Office 365 plan with all software is about $13 per month.

We can set up either for you.

Before we switch you, just a few questions to help you choose the best solution for you …

Small Business Email Setup Services

We helped “A” choose the right small business email solution for her. We can help you too.  Do you need a professional email address for your small business?  Do you need a shared mailbox for your small team? Contact us today to learn about our Google Apps or Office 365 setup services.  Don’t worry – we can transfer all your old emails, contacts and calendar items to your new account for you.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a small team of up to 30 people, TUCU has been helping small business professionals like you since 2003.  Talk to us today about email solutions for small business.