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Everything you need to Prevent, Detect & Respond to threats + great support.

Cyber Security Starts With The Right Infrastructure

Your cyber security posture needs to be strong to defend your data from attack, breach, leak or loss. For Toronto Cyber Security Services, look no further.

It’s amazing how your business can transform when you adopt best practices to meet compliance, pass screenings, and protect data.

For audits, vendor agreements, and your own peace of mind, our small business cyber security experts will help you defend your business.

Is this your company now?

Did anyone remove Cindy’s access to HR files after she left the company? Is Gary stealing files before he plans to resign next week? How would you know? Is a ransomware virus already on your network, waiting to be executed in a few weeks from now? What will protect you? Antivirus alone can’t protect you from the enormous amount of cyber threats out there.

It’s more difficult than ever to meet complex compliance and security standards - especially with evolving threats, vague regulations, and limited resources. Fortunately, TUCU Managed IT Services Inc helps SMB’s like yours maintain strong cyber security systems.

Here's How We Help

We assess your existing systems.

We build your IT systems based on best practices and zero trust security principles because everything else rides on getting the fundamentals right.

Then, we support you every step of they way as you build a profitable, data security conscious business that leaps ahead of the competition.


CISA Audits

CISA certified auditors to evaluate and verify cyber security improvements you have already made in house or with a third party.

Cyber Security Services

To assess your cyber security, identify what is lacking and setup the infrastructure, policies, procedures and tools you need to close security gaps and protect your business.

For your own peace of mind and risk reduction.

Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber security consulting and services to implement everything you need to pass it compliance audits including:

  • ISO audits
  • NIST audits
  • SOC audits
  • PCIDSS, PIPEDA, HIPAA compliance audits and more


24/7 Intrusion Detection

Cyber Security Monitoring and Intrusion Detection services to monitor for unauthorized access, breach attempts and suspicious activity.

SIEM Services

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), IT reporting, event log monitoring and visibility into your IT systems to detect inside and outside cyber threats.

Cyber Security Management

Managed Cyber Security Services with help desk services to prevent ransomware and viruses, maintain best practices and support your staff with technology needs.


Endpoint Detection & Response

Automated Threat & Endpoint Detection & Response to remediate issues and limit spread.

Incident Response

Incident Response to analyze source of breach and remediate root issues and educate users to prevent repeat problems.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Services for worst case scenario and fast recovery. Keep your data intact and get your business back up and running in hours - not weeks.

You need good cyber security to do good business.

You can’t afford a breach. You can afford managed cyber & IT services.

With the average cost of an SMB breach at $120,000 and approximately 19 days of downtime or lost productivity, plus reputational damage and the opportunity cost of business lost during downtime and for simply not being a cyber security compliant company – it makes perfect sense to get a good IT partner on your side today.

Don't leave yourself vulnerable any longer.  

Let's get started on your cyber security overhaul. 

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