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Cyber Security Services in Toronto

Our Toronto Cyber Security Consultants offer everything you need to protect and grow your business.

Pass IT Audits & IT Security Screenings (NIST, ISO, SOC2, PIPEDA etc)

Endpoint, Mobility & Identity Management

Data Security & Digital Loss Prevention

Ransomware Protection & Recovery

We'll help you safeguard your business with best practices in cyber security services, management & support.

it security processes for smb-best practice diagram

Protect Your Business Cyber Security Solutions

Is this your company now?

How do we respond Info Security Control Assessments from clients?

Who is logging in to company email accounts?

Did anyone remove Cindy’s access to HR files after she left the company?

Is Gary stealing files before he resigns next week? How would we know?

Is a ransomware virus already on our computer, waiting to be executed in a few weeks from now?

Most SMB’s like yours need better cyber security solutions now.  TUCU's cloud and IT security experts will help you update and protect your business.

Antivirus alone can’t protect you.

Antivirus is only effective against about 30% of threats. AV can not protect from ransomware, phishing, email hacking and more. Our cyber security solutions are built on best practices in data security and ransomware prevention. Let's talk. →

"deep knowledge"

” … TUCU’s deep knowledge in network administration helped us uncover security and needs gaps on our network. ... We’re very happy with their services."

- Angela, Managing Partner

How Our Cyber Security Consultants Help


Assess & Plan

Our cyber security consultants assess your needs, learn your requirements, and design solutions for you. You receive a proposal with an estimate to approve.


Setup & Implement

Our IT security professionals setup, configure and deploy your cyber security solutions according to best practices, ensuring a successful rollout.


Manage & Support

Focus on your business objectives and outsource your IT security management to our team of trained professionals. Choose infrastructure management only or add help desk services for your team.

We All Need IT Security Solutions

Everyday, thousands of new cyber threats scour the globe looking for vulnerable systems to breach. With automated cyber attacks, every device is a target.

Cyber security solutions and technologies are constantly changing too. Every business today needs multiple layers of IT security solutions - not just antivirus. All the layers, tools, policies, software and settings require continuous management from experienced IT security professionals like our team here at TUCU.

Do you feel like you are unable to keep up with your cyber security obligations? You are not alone. Every year, more small and mid sized businesses turn to IT outsourcing for comprehensive cyber security services, support and management. You can too.

Here at TUCU, we will help you create a strong cyber security posture using modern, effective IT security solutions to keep your sensitive data, intellectual property, clients and employees safe.

Our cyber security consultants offer professional security solutions that are tailored to your needs.  Our support services are highly rated, reliable and delivered on a first name basis. Ready to improve cyber security with expert help? Let's talk. →

Additional Cyber Security Services We Offer


Apple Business Manager


Apple Business IT Solutions


Windows/ Microsoft Identity Manager


Microsoft InTune


AD & Azure Active Directory


Azure Sentinel & SIEM Services


Ransomware Protection


IT Security Attestations & Screenings


IT Security Audits


Risk & IT Compliance Solutions


NIST Compliance


Pass ISO & SOC2 Audits

Ready for a great IT support company?

Schedule your Discovery Call for options & an estimate.

IT Consultants

As your Toronto IT consultants, we offer guidance, insight, strategic IT solutions & end to end support.

Cloud Solutions

We help you assess and setup secure cloud solutions that make sense for your business, and manage it all for you.

Cyber Security

Safeguard your business from cyber threats. Our IT security consultants will apply best practices to protect you.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services offer your business better security, reliability, and performance of your technology.