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Resilience comes with the best cyber security for small business.

Firewalls are limited. Antivirus is only effective against roughly 30% of threats. They can’t protect you from ransomware, phishing, email hacking and today’s cyber threats. Cybersecurity services for small business are critical. 

Be confident with TUCU’s cybersecurity services.  We offer everything you need to protect your business.

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Managed Security Solutions

We use best practices outlined in the NIST framework.

  • Secure Endpoints
  • Identify Threats
  • Protect Data
  • Detect Threats
  • Respond & Recover
  • Review & Revise

Secure Devices

Most cyber threats are automated. They target any business – any computer – around the world. We use automations to help protect you.


Cyber threats are silent, stealthy and sophisticated.

Managed endpoint detect and repair tools provide threat and ransomware prevention. Keep attackers from gaining a foothold in your IT systems.

Identity Management

Every business should control every device that touches company data.

Identity Management Solutions help you take back control and reel in data sprawl, data leaks and risk. Create your Trusted Users & Trusted Devices with help from TUCU.

Conditional Access & Data Protection

Give each team member just enough access to data to perform their job roles – and nothing more.

Conditional Access Policies help prevent data leaks and theft, and limit the damage radius in the event of a critical breach or ransomware infection.

DLP & Information Protection

Go deeper with data security and digital loss prevention solutions. We setup and manage the tools you need to protect data, pass information security screenings, and win more business.

Options include data labelling, classification, retention rules, no file downloads, no forwarding and more.

Secure Remote Work

The right remote work setup protects your company data and gives employees flexibility for secure remote work.  

A poor setup leaves you open to unmitigated risk and liability. Have TUCU set you up the right way.

Single Sign On

With Single Sign On solutions, your staff can move from their inbox to their common applications with passwordless access.

Less friction. More focus.

Automated Staff Onboarding

With Microsoft AutoPilot or Windows Virtual Desktops, new staff are setup in a few clicks – computers, software, email, documents and VoIP extensions, ready to go.

Secure Staff Offboarding

When employment ends, the transition process must be secure and efficient. Access to company data must be revoked across the board.

Be confident with complete access removal with every staff exit. 

Strategic IT Advisory

Cybersecurity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Your business is dynamic and challenges and opportunities arise without notice. 

We’re here to support you at every step.

Get Affordable, Effective Cybersecurity Services ​

Keeping up with cybersecurity management takes a lot of time and energy. The risks keep growing and the stakes are high. That’s why outsourced cybersecurity services make sense.

To help you get started on the right path, we offer an affordable, effective cyber security plan that can help protect you from:

Meet Your Industry Requirements

Take IT to the next level.

Here at TUCU, our Managed Security Services include best practices outlined in the NIST framework. We can help you with all your IT Governance, Risk and Compliance needs.

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"With TUCU for 4 months already, all experiences are A++, moving our IT support to them is the best decision in 2016."
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"We really appreciate working with you guys, and are glad we found you. You, and the techs we’ve worked with, are professional, competent, and friendly... – which has been a huge stress reliever to us. Thanks again. "
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“TUCU is there when you need them. They fix all problems large and small with minimal stress so that you can keep working.”
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