New Computer Setup Services in Toronto

Time For A New Computer Setup? 

If only you could snap your fingers and have it all done!

A new computer requires you to buy it, unbox it, set it up, reinstall all your software again, transfer your files & contacts, remap the printer and WiFi connections, and securely dispose of your old drive so data can't be stolen from it.

You can do it all yourself - or you can call TUCU and have it done for you.

Most new computer setups with data transfer are $199- $299.

New Computer Setup & Data Transfer

Have your new computer setup and all your data transfer, including files, contacts, emails and calendar appointments transferred for you.

You can also have your new printer, scanner or WiFi setup at the same time.

We will come to you and take care of everything for you.

Most new computer setups with data transfer are $199- $299.

Other New Computer Setup Services

Data Backup Setup Services

Already have a backup of all your data?  Great! We’ll use your backup to aid in your new computer setup.

If not, now is the time to get data backup setup.

Talk to us about your options.

Secure Hard Drive Deletion + Computer Recycling

Any sensitive data and images can potentially be lifted from your old hard drive.

Let us perform a military grade hard drive erase and deliver your old computer or laptop to the local recycling depot for you.

That’s one less thing on your to do list!

Most new computer setups with data transfer are $199- $299.

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Easy & convenient. We log in remotely or we come to your home office or business.

Exact appointment times.  No “service windows”. If your appointment is at 2:00pm, you can expect us at 2:00pm.

Reliable, time saving service.

Pain Free Promise. If an issue recurs, simply inform us within 7 days and we’ll make it right. Guaranteed.

Vetted & Approved.  TUCU has been vetted and approved by 4 law firms.  You can count on us.

Trusted. TUCU has been serving Toronto since 2003, with integrity and skill. We're here to help.

Most new computer setups with data transfer are $199- $299.

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